Capital One “Rewards miles” post w/ purchase (no waiting for statement)


With the recent enhancements to Capital One’s Rewards miles programs (with the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card and Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business cards), which now transfer to airline miles, can be combined easily with your other miles-earning cards or even with other Capital One customers, and might even make these cards even better than the old SPG cards), I’ve been putting more spend on my Capital One cards than I had in years. That led me to discover something interesting and relatively unique about Capital One: rewards miles post with your purchases. That is to say that you don’t need to wait until your statement cuts to receive a lump of miles from your month’s purchases, but rather the miles post and are available as soon as your purchases move from “pending” to posted”. That could be useful if you find yourself very close to a valuable redemption — just make your necessary purchases and you should have the miles in a few days.

For example, these were a couple of purchases from last Thursday, December 13th. As of Monday, December 17th you can see that the Expedia purchase, for $52.21, earned 104 miles and the Rite Aid purchase for $17.26 earned 35 miles (these purchases were with a Capital One Venture Rewards card, though the earn rate would be the same with a Capital One Spark Miles business card. The statement does not cut for a couple of weeks yet, but these purchases have already posted to the rewards account and are available to be redeemed towards travel or transferred to airline partners.

My most recent purchase to post was from Friday, and I noticed yesterday (on Sunday) that it had already posted, so the turnaround time is quite quick.

That can be particularly useful since Capital One transfers to airline partners are allowed in 100-mile increments. If you’re just a few miles short of a valuable redemption, you could make a small purchase or two and expect that the miles should post in just a couple of days. YMMV of course — it is certainly possible for Capital One to change or restrict this, but I thought it could be a useful piece of wisdom to keep in mind.

If you’re looking to see your recent activity, you can click where it says “Rewards miles” in red above. Then click “Rewards history” as seen below.

That will show your posted transactions.

I’m not sure what the timeline is for the posting of the welcome bonuses as it has been a while since we last earned one. I wouldn’t expect those bonuses to post mid-cycle, but neither would I be surprised if they did.

Overall, this is really just something to keep in mind if you find yourself just shy of an award as it is pretty easy to top up.

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