Destination cooking with Nick: #StayCaytoFarAway


It’s ON. Video #1 in our Stay Cay to Far Away Challenge is posted. If you missed the announcement on the competition, see this post: Challenge! Stay Cay to Far Away. In a nutshell, Greg, Stephen, Carrie and I are competing in a video challenge where we each make videos following one of four themes, with each weekday presenting a different theme from Sunday through Wednesday for the next few weeks.

Today is the first video up: Destination Cooking with Nick. We were going for a 3 minute video and I’ll admit that I went a bit over five minutes, but I’ll beg for the voters’ forgiveness. Don’t forget to hit LIKE if you like it (you can play the video in this window, but click through to Youtube to like it) and feel free to leave your comments. The video with the most likes will be the weekly winner (but don’t worry, you’ll also get a chance to vote for the champion at the end, so liking my video won’t mean that someone else can’t win!).  Please also subscribe to our Youtube channel. Enjoy!

As a reminder, here was the outline:

Challenge Details: Create a mini cooking show demonstrating how to prepare some kind of food from someplace in the world.  At Frequent Miler (speaking mostly for myself) we’re not too advanced in the cooking department.  And so, if all goes well, things will go disastrously and comically wrong.

Recipes used:

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Seriously, your son is going to make you win this one!


He should’ve won the last one It was Rigged !!!
#stayincave LOL


Food looks good and Conrad is so big!

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Is like just the thumb up on YouTube? Or are we supposed to like somewhere else too? Sorry, not too social media savvy.


Yes, you are doing it right. ^_^


Looked really delicious. Like from me!


I clicked like. Not sure if mainly because of Conrad. ^_^