How to get to Alila Ventana Big Sur, and how long to stay… | Ask Us Anything Live | Ep 42


Greg is out galavanting in beautiful places again, so episode 42 of our “Ask Us Anything, Live” brought a plethora of questions about Alila Ventana Big Sur, and plenty of questions about Award Booking as well.

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4:02 – Hey Greg and Nick, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what’s one thing that you love (or are really excited about) with traveling or travel hacking right now?

5:55 – any recommendations from first-time visitors? have a trip planned this summer and super excited!

9:47 – Hi guys – I have the Amex Platinum and Amex Delta card. What is the best way to utilize my AmEx $200 airline credit on Delta? (Read more here.)

10:47 – any more updates about IHG? have old $49 card. agree I should apply for premier card now and then upgrade later too?

15:39 – I want to have two ritz cards. Can you signup for boundless first, but don’t spend on it so you don’t get a bonus, thus “not eligible to SIGN UP if you had the bonus in 24 month” rule does not apply, upgrade to ritz in year 2, then signup for boundless again, meet MSR, and upgrade to 2nd ritz in year 3? (Read more here.)

17:16 – I have a family of 5. Are there any sweet spots that would have enough availability for business class for 5? Is there any way to tell if a certain route will *never* have that many seats available?

22:00 – I recently tried booking Hilton resort and the reservation said that it will charge my card (partial charge), but nothing have been charged so far. Why is that?

22:27 – I am looking for award space on Virgin Atlantic to book Delta, but it keeps telling me I cannot book the route on points, tried numerous routes, am I doing anything wrong?

24:24 – Are you certain that the C1 Spark Cash Plus card with $3k offer doesn’t report to your personal credit? Every blog says that, but I keep seeing DPs of people who said it showed up in their 5/24 tally.

26:12 – What would be your recommended route to Peru from Boston area? (Read more here.)

28:38 – What are your favorite Hyatt category 4 Redemption, either one’s you have already done or any that are on your radar? Also, does the free night Cert still count when cat 4 properties are priced at 18k

30:45 – How many nights do you think is the perfect amount of nights at ventana, 3?

31:56 – I’m trying to convince my wife to visit Alila Ventana with me, but she prefers Napa (we have never done either). What are Mrs FM’S Ventana highlights and would you rather do Ventana/Napa or Napa/Vent?

35:28 – Read your post about the AmEx debit card and how you were meh about it, you said you thought there were better debit cards. So, what top 3 debit cards for listeners, if they wanted a debit card?

39:09 – Should I pay to upgrade my AA CIti Platinum card to the AA Citi World Elite? OR just open up a new AA World Elite card?

40:17 – Hi guys I was wondering if you had any experience with the B&H camera store credit card that gives you an instant rebate for the amount you pay in sales tax

41:00 – Have either of you used Hyatt prive for any stays? If so, who do you use for a travel advisor? should one use a local agent/ advisor? (Read more here.)

44:28 – what do you think about other YouTube like AskSebby, wallers wallet, credit shifu? will you ever do a collaboration?

46:10 – What are the best options to get to Bora Bora in Biz class? (Read more here.)

48:07 – Wyndham/Vacasa – please offer some suggestions which gas stations sell $500 visa gc, excluding speedway & 7-11.

49:50 – What do think will happen to Le Meridien Maldives once Marriott goes Dynamic next month? How much do you think the award pricing will increase?

51:51 – Big fan of your guys videos! Greg, when you book Alila Ventana Big Sur, do you fly out of SFO and rent a car to get there or how do you go about to get there?

52:48 – Would love to hear about the current tools you use for finding award seats, either here or on the site. (Read more here.)

55:48 – Is it possible to add a spreadsheet for AA LP which mention things have worked? its really hard to keep track in post comments to jump on something (Read more here.) 

56:43 – With my Hilton Surpass how can I get three people into the priority lounges at one time. Myself and two others

57:49 – i have SQ F (new suites), EK F (777) & possibly LH F booked for this summer. What is the next F product i should strive for. In Chase, Amex, & Soon to be Cap1 Eco system. MY citi is all drained.

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Just listened to the podcast and i am going to Ventana Big Sur in October. We will be arrining at SFO in the evening so i planned an overnight in San Francisco with a leisure drive to Big Sur the following morning. Any recommendations on places to stop for food, pictures, scenic drivebys? Id like a little information the Nick gave in the love chat of getting to Big Sur lol. Keep up the great work!!!