Imitation (Time) Travel With Barky McFly #StayCayToFarAway


Shae and I travel full-time with our dog Truffles and so she comes everywhere with us.

Well, almost everywhere.

We’ve never taken her on any of our international travels, so she’s missed out on some of our most fun experiences, so she decided to remedy that.

How? By jumping in her Fauxlorean and becoming Barky McFly for the day. I couldn’t believe how many places she managed to visit, so check out the video below to watch her Imitation (Time) Travel adventures.

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I’m sure many of you are wondering how we got Truffles to talk in the video. As smart as she is, she’s not that smart. That ability came courtesy of the My Talking Pet app which you can find on Google Play and in the App Store.

The Fauxlorean in the video sadly isn’t ours – we’re stuck with our 2004 Toyota Corolla. For my 40th birthday the other week though, my in-laws rented me a Tesla Model X for a couple of days on Turo which sparked the Barky McFly inspiration for this Imitation Travel challenge.

The gorilla in the video is a PG Tips monkey. The character appeared in ads for the teabags in the UK and small Monkey (or Munkeh) toys were given away with large packs of PG Tips. We’ve kept this one and he sits on the dashboard of our car as our car-dian angel.

Filming mountain gorillas in the wild
Filming mountain gorillas in the wild

The volcano scene featured the Instant Pot from my portable kitchen, along with some very-artificial-smelling-but-apparently-very-delicious dog treats.

Lanzarote volcano cooking
Lanzarote volcano cooking

Creating Stonehenge was a bit of a challenge. The building bricks were made of foam rather than wood, so they kept blowing over before we had time to film anything. 27th and 28th time lucky and we had the shots in the bag.

n.b. One thing to clarify re Truffles’ account of Stonehenge: we’d gone to Bath to celebrate our 5th anniversary and Stonehenge was along the way – it wasn’t our actual destination!

It's just like the real thing!
It’s just like the real thing!

Truffles’ trip to Niagara Falls came about thanks to the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, CO. It’s a cute place that’s based on San Antonio’s Riverwalk and has some mini waterfalls / water features.

Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, CO
Historic Arkansas Riverwalk in Pueblo, CO

As for the Jamaica scene, yes – Truffles does have a dog bikini. It’s not what you think though! While in Alabama a couple of years ago we visited the Unclaimed Baggage Center and wanted to get something random from there. Right at the end of our visit we found a dog bikini and towel and knew that was the weird memento we needed.

It’s possible this wasn’t the first time she’s been dressed up in it though.

Spawts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
Spawts Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition

The Blarney Castle / Blarney Stone-kissing scene was also filmed on the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk. We initially put treats on the wall to try to make it look like she was kissing the stone, but the treats were a little too obvious. Seeing as they help push you out to the stone at Blarney Castle, we figured we’d give Truffles / Barky McFly a little assistance.

Side note: I’m curious how many years it’ll be before Blarney Castle is allowed to have people kiss the stone post-COVID-19.

I don't care how many people have kissed this wall - it tastes delicious
I don’t care how many people have kissed this wall – it tastes delicious

Finally, we have Australia. As Truffles explains in the video, her long distance pup friend Scooby in Australia got her the koala toy. She’s had it for several years and it’s one of the only toys she hasn’t pulled all the stuffing out of, so it seems to be particularly special to her.

The wombat tattoo is on Shae’s arm; she’s since gotten animal footprints on her foot and around her ankle which belong to all the animals she’s had encounters with.

Shae's animal footprint tattoos
Shae’s animal footprint tattoos

The very last scene was Truffles at the Great Barrier Reef. As you might be able to tell from the photo, it was created using Berry Blue Jell-O and adding some Goldfish crackers once it had solidified.

Birds eye view of the Great Barrier Reef
Birds eye view of the Great Barrier Reef

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If you think Truffles is cute, you can follow all her real-life travels on Instagram and Facebook.

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Jan W

Love the thought and humor you put into this. The Stonehenge scene really had my giggling.

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Omg love the part where truffles loves koalas too!


This was fun. Well done!


Great job Truffles! I hope you get top dog this week 🙂


Truffles, click like. The idea of Truffles traveling internationally is great and it reminds me of the southwest airlines Teddy Bear story. Enjoy your actual travel pictures and the scene created for Truffles.