[Update: Expires 10/28] 5 Free Nights! Should you go for it?


Update 10/22/20: We can now confirm that the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless offer for 5 free night certificates is scheduled to end on 10/28/20.

Update 10/19/20: A reader reports receiving an email with a new end date for this offer: October 29.

Update 10/15/20: The offer is still going strong. It’s possible the offer will disappear on 10/16/20, but I doubt it.

Update: A few readers have received emails indicating that this offer will be available only through October 15th.

Marriott was apparently unhappy with me picking Chase’s Hyatt card over their Marriott card because they’re now out with a best ever offer for the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card: 5 Free 50K Nights after $5K spend.  On the surface, it sounds like an amazing offer.  Should you go for it?

The Offer

Earn five free night certificates after $5K spend.  Each certificate is good for one night costing up to 50,000 points at any Marriott hotel worldwide.

Card Offer and Details
5 x 50K Free Night Certificates
Earn five 50K free night certifcates after $5K spend in 3 months
$95 Annual Fee
This card is subject to Chase's 5/24 rule (click here for details).
Recent better offer: None. This matches the best ever.
Earning rate: ⚬ 6X Marriott Bonvoy ⚬ 3X gas stations, grocery stores, and dining on up to $6K in combined purchases each year ⚬ 2X everywhere else
Base: 2X (1.6%)
Dine: 3X (2.4%)
Gas: 3X (2.4%)
Grocery: 3X (2.4%)
Brand: 6X (4.8%)
Card Type: Visa Signature
Big spend bonus: Earn Gold status when you spend $35K each year ⚬ 1 Elite Night Credit towards elite status for every $5K spent
Noteworthy perks: ⚬ Annual free night certificate for 1 night at a hotel redemption level up to 35K ⚬ Automatic Silver status ⚬ 15 nights of elite credit each year ⚬ 1 Elite Night Credit for every $5K spent ⚬ $10 monthly GoPuff credit (through 12/31/23)

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for this card, you have to be under 5/24:

Chase's 5/24 Rule: With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve your application if you have opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months.

To determine your 5/24 status, see: 3 Easy Ways to Count Your 5/24 Status. The easiest option is to track all of your cards for free with Travel Freely.

Next, navigate this chart to figure out if you qualify (this can only be viewed online — click here). If you answer “No,” to all of the following questions then you should be eligible for a new Chase Marriott card:

How good is this offer?

I can’t remember ever before seeing a 5 night welcome bonus for a credit card.  That alone is surprising.  And, who would have guessed that this card, which offers an annual 35K free night certificate, would offer 50K free night certs for the welcome bonus?

At best, five 50K free night certificates are worth up to 250,000 Bonvoy points.  But the reality is more complicated:

  • Fifth Night Free Awards don’t work with certificates.  Marriott’s “Stay for 5, Pay for 4” awards only work with points-awards.  Thanks to this feature, 250,000 points can be used for 6 nights at a 50K per night property or 5 nights at a 60K per night property (with 10K left over).  The certificates can, at best, best be used for 5 nights at a 50K per night property.
  • Certificates expire. Points don’t.  As long as you have activity in your Marriott account at least once every 24 months, your points will never expire.  These free night certificates, though, expire after a year.  Marriott will usually let you extend certificates for another year upon request, but lately they haven’t been willing to extend a second time.  So, at best, these certificates may be valid for two years.
  • Points are much more flexible.  50,000 points can be used to book one 50K night, two 25K nights, four 12.5K nights, etc.  A 50K cert, meanwhile, can only be used to book a single night costing 50K points or less.  Plus, the certificate has no residual value if you use it for a night that costs less than 50K points.

Despite the problems with certs described above, I previously found that 50K certs are worth about $300 each towards free nights (see: What are Marriott 50K certificates worth?).  For the purpose of estimating the welcome offer’s first year value, though, I estimated each night to be worth $250 in order to be consistent with past precedent (see: Credit card signup bonus estimation details).

If we conservatively say that the certificates are worth $250 each, then we can say that the welcome offer is worth 5 x $250 = $1,250.  That compares extremely favorably to the previous 100K point offer.  With points worth about 0.72 cents each, 100,000 points are worth about $720.

What types of hotels can we get for 50K per night?

In my experience, there are a lot of very nice category 6 Marriott hotels where the standard rate is 50K points per night.  The problem is that the best of these are frequently priced at Peak 60K per night rates.  So, in many cases, you’ll be more likely to find a very good mid-tier (category 5) hotel priced peak at 40K per night.  That’s not necessarily a bad use of these certificates at all, but I think it’s important to set your expectations accordingly.

To get an idea of the types of properties bookable with 50K certs in Hawaii, I picked a random Sunday in February to see what showed up at 50K or less (I picked Sunday thinking that more hotels would be available than on other days):

As you can see above, most of the available brands are Courtyards, Sheratons, and Residence Inns.  These are mid-tier brands in Marriott’s portfolio.  There is also a Westin and a Marriott Beach Club, though, so there are a couple of other options.  You can also see that most of these hotels show a nightly rate over $300.  That fits my expectations.

Hawaii is one of the most coveted places in the world to use points and free night certificates.  As a result, Marriott has increased prices there accordingly.  In other locations around the world, you are likely to find much nicer options for 50K or less.

Bottom Line

Despite the downsides to free night certificates (described above), I still think this is an awesome offer.  If you are eligible for this card and can meet the spend requirements, and if you would value five free Marriott nights, then I’d recommend going for it.  I doubt we’ll ever see an offer this good again on any Marriott card.

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Westin Hapuna Bay is my world-favorite hotel. Just above Ritz Carlton Half-Moon Bay.


It’s baaaaaack….

[…] Bonvoy Points per night after spending $5,000 in 3 months.  Many bloggers (including my friends Nick and Greg at Frequent Miler) said that this sign up bonus was a great deal, but only for those who knew how to get great value […]


I just spent $5k today on my Boundless card. Does anyone know how long it will take for 5 night certs to post?


FYI the offer is still publicly available as of right now (but not affiliate links I don’t think)


I received my SPG Luxury (Bonvoy Brilliant) bonus on 11/5/2018. I cannot get the Marriott Boundless 5 night signup bonus that expires on 10/28 because it won’t have been 24 months since receiving the sign up bonus of that card.

In fact, the Chase application mentioned as such that I can continue applying but I won’t receive the sign up bonus (credit check wasn’t performed yet).

Any thoughts here on any creative ways getting around this? I did try freezing my credit but it doesn’t even get to that part – it must look by SS# to see if I’m eligible?


so can you apply on the 28th? Or should we get it in today (27th)?


Hi Nick, Does my status as a current Amex Marriott Bonvoy card (previously Amex SPG) authorized user (on my spouse’s account) disqualify me from qualifying for the Chase Marriott Boundless card and it’s welcome bonus.

[…] [Update: Expires 10/28] 5 Free Nights! Should you go for it? […]


Great write up but I checked dates for Hawaii cause I live here w/ my family. I picked a few Saturdays. The points needed were 100,000-300,000/nt. NO THANK YOU. I don’t want to spend hours searching for phantom availability. It is why I gave up my Marriott CC a few years back. Gonna stick w/ Hyatt and Hilton for now. I prob will get the Hyatt CC and upgrade to Aspire.


Do what I did LOOK then if it works apply for the card.
I have almost no unused points and my Hotel cards are long gone.



The only Bonvoy properties that compare to a Park Hyatt are the Ritz Carlton’s which all seem to be 70k or more. It might be interesting though to compare the Ritz Carlton credit card to the Hyatt card. I’ve searched for a list of the 50,000 Ritz Carlton properties and I know they exist as Tyson’s Corner and Pentagon City in DC area both have nights less than 50k. It would make getting this card meaningful if I had a list of the Ritz Carlton properties that would qualify for this offer!

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’d argue that St Regis properties are a better comparison to Park Hyatt. Unfortunately there are even fewer of those that can be used with these certs. I’ve been to the Tyson’s Corner Ritz. It’s not worth it.


I currently hold a Chase Bonvoy Premier Plus Business CC. Is this considered the same as a Chase Bonvoy Premier CC?

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, the business card is a separate product


How about an April in Times Square…50k nights


Thanks for making this guide. My question is a borderline case – since I’m afraid the 5-night offer will expire before I can get it:
I received the Amex Bonvoy Biz bonus on Nov 17, 2018. Do I have to wait till Dec 1 to apply for the current Chase 5 night offer, or can I apply earlier?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, I believe you would have to wait until Nov 18

Captain Greg

FYI, Offer now available until 10/29. Notified by email.

Greg The Frequent Miler


[…] Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card continues to offer one of the biggest bonuses we’ve ever seen: 5 free 50K night certificates.  On the surface it seems like the Chase offer is the best of three, but the reality is […]

Can I use the certs. at a Marriott residence?

Greg The Frequent Miler

If you mean Residence Inn, then yes.
If you mean Marriott Homes & Villas or Marriott Vacation Club, then no.

[…] I can’t remember ever seeing a credit card bonus with this much potential.  The Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card is currently offering 5 free 50K nights after $5K spend. Some will say that this bonus is worth up to 250,000 points.  And, technically that’s true, but the details aren’t quite that rosy.  I analyzed the offer here: 5 Free Nights! Should you go for it? […]


Hi, Greg and team.

What’s your understanding of how close we can spread out Chase card applications? I believe I’ve read it somewhere on FM that it is 30 days, but other blogs have indicated that it could be 90 days. The reason that I’m asking is that I’ve applied and was approved for the Hyatt credit card on 7/31. Do you think I’m good to apply for the Marriott card even though it has not been 90 days yet? Thanks in advance!

Greg The Frequent Miler

I believe that a month between is enough. Actually, they’ll approve two in one month. At some point if you keep signing up every month they’ll stop approving you, but that’s different. You should be OK (assuming you meet all of the other criteria to be approved)

the other Sam

Hey Greg –

How much do I need to spend on this card (imagine all MS, no nights spent in the Marriott portfolio) to earn platinum status with Marriott? The terms specify $35k to reach gold, but both Chase and Marriott can’t give me a solid answer for Platinum.


Greg The Frequent Miler

You can’t reach Platinum through spend with this card. The cards that offer that option both require $75K spend: Amex Bonvoy Brilliant and Chase Ritz. You can get this Marriott Boundless card and a year later upgrade to the Ritz card.

the other Sam

Thank you for responding. Helpful as always.

[…] I can’t remember ever seeing a credit card bonus with this much potential.  The Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card is currently offering 5 free nights after $5K spend. Some will say that this bonus is worth up to 250,000 points.  And, technically that’s true, but the details aren’t quite that rosy.  I analyzed the offer here: 5 Free Nights! Should you go for it? […]

hayden stuppnig

Question. I have the Marriott Boundless card, but my wife is an authorized user on it only. Can she still get the bonus even though she’s an authorized user on mine if she signs up? Thank you!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, no problem


If I have the Amex SPG/Bonvoy regular card ($95? AF), what should I change it to so I could be eligible for this offer after 30 days?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I think you’d have to cancel it. But this offer might not be around that long


Hi Greg, can you use the free night for a premium award. There are some hotels that offer rooms with views or executive rooms for less than 50000 points or does it have to be a standard?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t know. Good question


I’m ineligible for this card but my wife is eligible. Would there be any way to extend the benefits of my Platinum status to these certificates? My wife is only Silver at the moment.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I haven’t found any way to do so unfortunately


DoC is reporting rumors that a Sapphire refresh will come out 10/5. I’m thinking this is the post pandemic customer grab as we’ve seen a string of best ever offers.

If the free nights are only lukewarm and a hassle to use, it might be worth waiting and seeing what other cards get their best ever offers launched.


Post pandemic? Love your optimism.


If I already have the boundless card, can I get a Marriott Amex as well?

Greg The Frequent Miler

another flim flam offer…just another case of look at the shiny coin, while we bonvoy you. I still have 2 week long certs that I havent been able to use. Bonvoy is a failed merger of some good hotel programs, and will always be remembered (at least by myself) for lying lurkers, crappy customer service, no consideration for the consumer, devaluation with no warning over and over, and inferior CC offerings….just wait till you try and use these and realize the room you want is always high peak, and out of range of the cert. Hotels will be able to refuse certs at their discretion, no extensions will be given even though travel is curtailed for the foreseeable future….plus the negative mentioned in the post….unless you don’t mind being bent over and Bonvoyed, wait and see what other offers become available in Q4.


It is a real pain finding dates that work with hotels which is why I dumb hotel cards. I usually have good luck outside the US but for $95 I tried.But then I wonder a points deal would be better.


Where is the link to apply for the Marriott card with 5 free nights? I went to Chase website and it’s still have the 100k sign up
Bonus in there. I only have the Amex Hilton Surpass card and still debating between Hyatt, IHG or Marriott for my next card. And the 5 free nights for Marriott might be the best choice right now. Suggestions? TIA.


click …Best Credit Card Offers…at the Top and it is the first one.
FM get’s a few $$ too which is correct..

Good Luck !!!

Last edited 3 years ago by CaveDweller

Thank you so much!

Captain Greg

The IHG offer is pretty sweet right now too. I think it just comes down to if you think you’ll use the marriott certs within the next year. I’m leaning toward IHG because I don’t see myself doing much traveling at all in the next year, other than likely moving, so it makes sense to me to get the slightly less valuable IHG offer but have the flexibility of points.


Thank you so much!

Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s funny that I forgot to add a link to our page where the app link can be found. I’ve updated the post, but you can also find it here: https://frequentmiler.com/mrplus/#Goto


Senility at ur age ???


Very Tempting we have a few AS CP’s expiring next year we were mulling Maui.

I need to check I think my 24 months is sometime in next 90 days – I think I’ll watch for DP for how long FNC take to post –

I do think its a gamble – because I think a lot of reward space exist right now since Hawaii has been in constant limbo – now that they have firm rules. That will likely change.

But It would be worth the Mattress run – for 5 nights to hit Platinum – for the possibility of free breaky.

Last edited 3 years ago by YoniPDX

Doh! I just got my new Boundless card in the mail today on the 100k points offer. I called Chase to see if they would be able to upgrade my premium to the 5 nights offer and they said no, which seems strange to me. Curious if others have been able to negotiate richer premiums like this with Chase? If they won’t honor the new offer, seems like it might be worth my cancelling the card, waiting a month and reapplying…

Captain Greg

For at least 2020, I only hear of people getting denied when trying to match. In January, I signed up for the 65k/$10k United explorer SUB and they wouldn’t match me to the 60k/$3k offer that came out a few days later (yes, they weren’t willing to match me to an offer for LESS points…albeit with $7k less spend). And in the last few months, I have yet to hear of someone who gets matched for the freedom grocery spend or the 80k CSP SUB.

Canceling the card and waiting a month is a very interesting angle. I wonder if that would work…


Cancel & reapply, that will be +2 cards in 24

Captain Greg

Ah, yes, of course. I’d rather burn one 5/24 slot for 100k points than burn 2 for five 50k certs.


Would I have to wait 30 days before reapplying? If so seems a good chance I’d miss the window to apply for this offer. Also, I called Chase again to see if I could get a different answer but they affirmed they weren’t upgrading premiums. I did ask if I’d still be eligible for the card if I cancelled and reapplied. The agent said her team had actually discussed that in a meeting about the new offer. Apparently they’ve been getting a lot of calls about this. She said they were told to say that they can’t guarantee that you’ll be approved again for the same card, which I guess is probably mostly about the 5/24 rule than anything else?

Greg The Frequent Miler

It’s always true that they can’t guarantee you’ll be approved, so I wouldn’t make much of that. I don’t think you’d have to wait more than a few days before reapplying. I do think that you’ll have two new accounts counting against 5/24.


Do you think this offer may come to the Amex Bonvoy brilliant or restricted to chase?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’ve been wondering that myself. I wonder if the Brilliant will get something like 5 nights up to 70K or 80K. That would be great!


Do Amex Bonvoy Business or Amex Bonvoy Brilliant belong in the 3rd section of the chart: “Have you had any of these cards in the past 30 days?” The terms appear to state that you can get the welcome bonus on the Bold or Boundless if you currently have (or previously had) those cards and if you did not receive a new cardmember bonus or upgrade bonus in the last 24 months.

I do agree that the Amex Business and the Brilliant belong in the 4th and 5th sections of the chart.


Your interpretation matches my thoughts. I came here to mention this. FM has a similar chart, formatted differently, on the Marriott Bonvoy complete guide page that aligns with your statement as well.


Yes, I also noticed that. Pretty sure it’s incorrect.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Thanks for this! I think you’re right. I’ve adjusted the chart, but it might take a while before it updates everywhere.

Mist Soalar

I actually cancelled Amex Bonvoy Biz in early September, just so I get clear on this part of the term.


I applied (ur link $) and I Tink one Chase Card in 4 years (Steve’s United card deal) . Had it before IF I get a no I’ll call my Ink number got me other cards in the past .Lot’s of air points BUT no hotels points so last Hawaii was like $250 per as in not worth it..


OOP’s Chase was very nice TOAD me wait till Jan ..Then it will be 4 not 6 and maybe a better point offer by then..


Can’t wait to see what Hyatt does to their CC to one up the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless CC 😉


Same. But that’s IF they do.


Would imagine it will be really hard to use all 5 certs for 5 consecutive nights though


My plan is to interject points nights where needed over 50k.




Question:. Would you advise cancelling my Amex Bonvoy in hopes this is available in 30 days? I’m under 5/24.


Similar situation. I currently have the Bonvoy Premier card. I just don’t want to bother cancelling the card then reapplying 31 days later if this offer is likely to be gone in a couple of weeks.

Captain Greg

You need to look into more, but I think you can get denied by chase then have 30 days to appeal and try again. Idk if you get automatically denied in this circumstance or not, but if you do, this method might work. You’d probably want to know for sure that you won’t get approved before applying, otherwise you’re stuck with no SUB.

Does anyone else know more about this?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Great question. Unfortunately I don’t have any insight as to how long this offer will last. However, I do think Captain Greg’s suggestion may work.

Captain Greg

P2 drops to 4/24 in December and I would like to think this offer will at least be around for more than 30 days. Given this confirmation from Greg, I might have P2 sign up in the beginning of November – get denied – then call reconsideration on December 1st.

What’s the shortest you’ve ever seen chase offer a “limited-time” sign up bonus?


My family mbr got an email aboyt this offer – expires 10.15

Captain Greg

Someone on DOC just posted that they got an email saying the offer is only until Oct. 15.


Captain is correct. I received an email offer and this deal expires on 10/15/20.


I/my family mbr will use this at the Mauna Kea on the BI, Cat 7 but able to find off-peak 50k point nights. I just booked & s/b able to sub out the 50k certs later.

I assume since these are 1-nt certs they can each be booked irrespective of the other?


($700/nt rooms btw!)

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes they are individual 1 night certs so that should work!

Captain Greg

Hmmm, after hearing about this offer earlier today, I was still planning to apply for the IHG 140k, no 1st year AF and $50 credit because I worry about using the certs in the next year for a number of reasons. But if it’s highly likely I can extend the certs for 2 years, I might reconsider… Tough call.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yeah I’m not even sure that it would be right to say “highly likely”. Maybe just “likely”


5*250=$1250. Still good value.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Thanks. Fixed.