(EXPIRED) New Amex Offer for Exxon Speedpass…but I’ll pass

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There’s a new Amex Offer out for Exxon-Mobil Speedpass+ users to spend $20 and get $10 back (up to 2x). That’s a nice offer if you can get Speedpass+ to work….but I’m banned for no apparent reason, so I won’t be participating in this one.

The Offer

  • Spend $20+ get $10 back with a new widely-available Amex Offer (use up to 2 times)

Key Terms

  • Valid in the Speedpass+ app

Quick Thoughts

Those who can take advantage can save an easy twenty bucks with this offer since it can be repeated (2 total uses). I even saw this on a business card already loaded with the 10% back offer for Exxon-Mobil, so I think you could get $12 back on $20 as they ought to stack.

That said, Speedpass+ errored out the first time I tried to use it and Exxon-Mobil then banned me without explanation due to inexplicable “security issues”. All I did was try to pay for gas. After reviewing my appeal (including a link to a post I wrote here about a Speedpass promo), their team concluded that allowing me to buy gas via the Speedpass+ app remained a security issue…so needless to say, I that’s why I won’t bother syncing this one — I get my gas elsewhere whenever possible.

Perhaps I’m just an anomaly – it’s probably worth downloading the app and giving it a shot if you can load up this offer, and especially so if you can stack it with the previous business offer (set to expire 11/30).

As always, we have added this (and several other) new offers today to our list of Current Amex Offers.

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I have log in issues on the app too. The iOS app has an option of continue as guest and use Apple Pay, not sure if that means I don’t have to log in.

Additionally I don’t think this offer and 10% can stack, according to the terms. Correct me if I am wrong.


Got this on both my and SO’s Amex Blue Biz Plus cards. We don’t have cars (NYC residents) but we are going to see the inlaws in Canada for Thanksgiving. Hope this works and we can get $40 of free gas for our rental car.

Bradley Smith

I got this on my Platinum – any reason this shouldn’t stack with the “Fuel it up for points!” gas promotion for >$35?


Funny had the same security issues flagged. I bought probably 7-8 times gas nothing else. That’s BS. But I got the physical card now and it works. Still some issue with certain gas station not being able to redeem points (just says your card isn’t working although it does). Guess certain gas station owners figured out how to block the redemption