Sears 10X final days?


This deal expires August 31st.  Or does it?… 

This month, Chase is offering 10 bonus points per dollar at for Sapphire and Ink cardholders. The trick is to log into the Ultimate Rewards Mall, find Sears, and click through prior to your purchase.  Note that there are some situations where the click-through doesn’t properly track your purchase so be sure to read “How to ensure your portal points” before making many purchases.


Save Money

As I reported previously in the post “Sears 10X: Leveraging the Deal” here is some advice for saving money at

  • For free shipping, you can usually select “pickup in store”.
  • Look for coupon codes before you shop.  Some are presented directly within the Ultimate Rewards Mall. 
  • If a competitor (with a physical retail presence) has a lower price, fill out the online Price Match form.  Sears will match the lower price and take an additional 10% off.
  • Make sure to signup for Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards program.  You will earn points worth the equivalent of 1% of your order.

Double Dip

Many times in the past I’ve had great luck with the Sears double dip.  It works like this: go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall to Sears to buy gift cards (e-cards or physical cards both work) and then go through the mall a second time to buy merchandise with the gift cards.  With luck, you’ll earn 10X points for both trips through the mall for a combined 20X bonus points!  The only problem is that results so far this month have been mixed.  Many readers have reported success with the double dip, but many others are still waiting to see their points.  At the very least, for some reason, points are taking much longer than usual to show up.  Double dipping is risky because it can be hard or impossible to get Chase to credit you for purchases made with gift cards.  Also note that you won’t get the kinds of extended warranties or purchase protections that credit cards often offer.

Finding Points

How do you know if your points have posted?  Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Ultimate Rewards and select Rewards ActivityUltimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings
  2. Make sure you are logged into the same account you logged into when shopping.  Select Switch Accounts if necessary.
  3. Select the month in which you made your purchase
  4. Transactions and points earned should be listed.  These points do not show up in your account as usable until after your monthly statement closes.


The end of 10X?

Currently the Ultimate Rewards Mall shows the Sears 10X offer expiring August 31.  Usually that truly means that the bonus points will drop overnight.  Last year, though, Sears ran this 10X promotion in August, September, and October.  The bonus points didn’t drop until November 1.  Will this happen again?  I’m guessing yes, but there’s certainly no guarantee.  If you want to be 100% sure to get in on the 10X deal you do need to shop by tomorrow (August 31).

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Looks like Sears has dropped back down to 4x points, for Sapphire users at least.


Al: Yep, 4X for Sapphire and Ink, but 10X for Freedom cardholders

Frequent Miler

PJ: you might be able to go to Sears and trade your e-cards for physical Sears cards. Then you can use them to buy BP cards


My weird encounters at #4483 K mart ANNADALE VA:I already consumed $100 out of $100 and $200 out of $1500 egift sears certificates in NJ on BP Gas Cards.
1st visit: this store claimed egift certificate CAN NOT BE used to buy any merchandise ; OK with plastic gift cards.
2nd visit: with a supervisor’s overwrite, I cud use up the $50 left on the $250 egift card to buy BP gas card; then I attemtped to check out another $250 with another $250 GC at Service Desk The assistant manager on duty stopped the process claiming” Since last Xmas Kmart has banned buying gift cards with egift cards due to widespread frauds; gift cards have to be paid with only credit cards or cash..”

anybody running into similar experiences ?

[…] Sears 10X final days? […]


Ray, it’s not a dumb question. I like Kenmore appliances, and you can only buy them at Sears as far as I know. I also like the Lands End end of season sales in some Sears stores. That’s all I’m interested in at Sears.


I’m new at this and still learning. I haven’t shopped at Sears or K-Mart for years, and never think of them when needing something. I usually go straight to Amazon or Costco. Maybe this is a dumb question…but what in the world do you buy at these stores that is useful, or need? I don’t like to buy anything unless I actually need it. Amy I missing something?

Thanks…but feeling a bit clueless with this topic. 🙂


Double dip has not worked so far and then I went and bought another gift card with my Chase SP card and have not seen anything on this transaction either.

Also had to call on my 10 software downloads. The CS person at Chase asked me several times what the charge was for because it was an even number. He said if it was for a gift card I would not be eligible for the extra points.


Claire: I’ve had m gift card purchases show up as Kmart too, but in the past I still got the points. I think things are just very slow this month


Ryne: other portals don’t tend to have as high of a payout otherwise that would make sense. I would do the opposite of what you said: I would buy gift cards thru the UR mall then use them thru another portal. I did this successfully with the AA portal when it offered Sears at 10x


I bought several $100 Sears gift cards through the UR portal on my Ink Bold and when the charges were pending they were identified as charges, but when they posted they were identified as I afraid I won’t get the 10x points, haven’t gotten anything posted yet, and I see that Kmart only gives 3x points (the second time I did print out the pending page that said Sears in case I have trouble later). I was wondering why this happened to me and if it happens to everyone. On other non-10x purchases I have made at Sears they never change to Kmart.


This may be a noobie question, but if you are worried about chase not recognizing the double dipping why not double dip a different way? Buy the gift card through an alternate portal like skymallshopping (get miles for that) and then use the gift card on chase? So you don’t get 20 points per dollar spent, but you’ll still get more than just the 10 presumably.


Thx FM, I will just wait for a better FAR deal, but thank you for pointing out that post.


@Frequent Miler! What happened to your world famous end of the month predictions for UR mall bonuses.


caveman: Hah. I only have one prediction for September: Sears continues 10X. We’ll see soon!


SEARS2012 will give you $5 off on order of $50. Also if anyone is shopping women’s apparel I have one coupon expiring on 3rd Sept for $5 off $25. Send me your email mymilesandmoney@gmail only if you are going to use it and I will email it to you.


Great success on my double dip as well. UR mall sometimes has delay on points posted. I purchased an engagement ring at Bluenile through UR mall 2 months ago. I didn’t see the points posted until 3 weeks later, when I actually returned the ring thinking I might not get the points. And I am talking about 50K points on that transaction


Laztrips: Awesome — great to hear!


Had great success double dipping Sears this month with no problems.


THEsocalledfan: Great!


FM, any Staples FAR deals around?


Grant: I think all they have is a mail in rebate and an in-store purchase easy rebate:


I have done the double dip multiple times this month, most recently yesterday as I wanted get one last shot at it, in case it does go away tomorrow. When I did it at on August 2nd, I acutally had 2 seperate transactions for gift cards, because on the first one I forgot to get enough to cover the tax. The funny thing is my bonus points for that transaction, which was only $115, posted almost immediately, which really had me worried that I wasn’t going to get any points at all. No worries were needed though, as about 3 weeks later when my statement closed, my points for the rest of the gift cards and points for using the gift cards posted. There was probably 1000 or 2000 points missing, but I wasn’t going to get fussy about that. It took me a few weeks, but I sold all of the items I purchased, so this week I decided to go for a few more items because I found a product that with a promotion, was selling on sears much cheaper than amazon, so that even after tax, I will break even, making the points absolutely free! Just give it time and they will post (hopefully), I think a lot of people are taking advantage of this, because everytime sears calls me to verify my large gift card orders, they always ask if Chase is still running a promotion.


Ron: Thanks for the data points! It’s good to hear. I’ll probably roll the dice and order more gift cards…

Marc W

I bought 10 copies of the Titanium at Staples for the $200 deal with the FAR posted earlier this month and still don’t see the points as being earned yet. I did the same with NewEgg for the Norton deal and still don’t see that one either. How long should I give before emailing Chase? Anyone else having similar issue?


Marc W: My FAR points posted in about a week. It can’t hurt to contact Chase to ask for the points.


I get emails and see the bonus chase UR earned on UR mall activity , but my statement closed and I don’t see those ur points included in what I earned total. Why is this and how long does it take?


kt: It’s rare, but sometimes points don’t post until the following month. You could always contact Chase to ask