Stackable AAdvantage offer: 2500 miles and 4 bottles of wine for $10 with Winc


Winc is a personalized wine subscription service that sources wine from multiple regions and sells it under their own custom labels.  The AA shopping portal is currently offering 1500 miles with an additional 1000 miles on offer from Simply Miles when you purchase the $29.96 new member deal.  When stacked with a $20 off $30 Citi Merchant offer, it adds up to 2500 miles and four bottles of wine for just over $10.

Aadvantage wants to buy you a glass of wine

Direct Link to AA Shopping Portal Offer


Be sure to register for the Citi Offer and the Simply Miles offer before going to the Aadvantage Shopping Portal:

After clicking through the offer link, you’ll be prompted to complete a short flavor quiz so that Winc can pair you with wines it thinks that you’ll like.  You’ll then reach a screen that will show you the four bottles that make up your first shipment. It’s important to note that the Citi Offer is for $20 off $30, but the initial shipment is $29.96.  If you live in a state that doesn’t charge tax on online orders, make sure to click the “I want to choose my own wines” button and replace one of the selections with something that is $1 more to trigger the offer.

Once you’ve completed the purchase, you’ve subscribed to the monthly service. If you don’t plan on continuing, it’s wise to immediately go back into your account and postpone the next shipment in order to allow plenty of time for everything to post before cancelling.

Quick Thoughts

This is a solid entry into the AA Loyalty Games.  While you shouldn’t expect any showstopping wine, getting “Loyalty Miles” for less than .5 cents each makes whatever you get icing on the cake.

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Anyone cancel recently? How easy/difficult was it?


Drop offers 20000 points for winc.. making this deal an awesome deal!!


This is incredible. Just opened a new Citi double cash card, so added the merchant offer, added the simply miles offer, and clicked thru the AA portal. Easy deal, good spare bottles to easily bring over someones house for dinner


how long does it take for the simply miles to credit miles? don’t know if I’m just being impatient but I ordered 8/18. The AA shopping portal has tracked it but nothing from simply miles so far


I don’t have the Citi or SimplyMiles offer 🙁 I think I used it earlier this year so maybe that’s why.


Are wine offers like these repeatable if you use a different email? Or will the AA eshopping portal not allow it to work because. I ask cause I keep getting CITI merchant offers from them
1) You’ve already gotten it once under your AA account
2) It won’t track if you use a different email from the one under your AA eshopping account


My offer states: View full terms & conditions

All promotions and wine purchases require a 3 bottle minimum. This offer does not apply to gift orders, cannot be combined with any other offer and may only apply to $13 bottles. 

Did any one find bottles for $13? Does $12.99 work?


I have a Double Cash Card and the AAdvantage Platinum Select and this does not show up as a Merchant Offer for either card. What cards are you guys seeing this offer on?

Dave Hanson

Has anyone tried an offer like this with a virtual credit card number? IDK if that would activate the Citi Merchant offers properly…


Yes I did it with the offer and it tracked correctly with the citi offer and simplymiles offer


it has worked for me with the citi offers but it has yet to trigger simply miles for me (and its been at least a month)


Same here, total showed $29.95 when order was placed sales tax was added. (TN)


I got a little carried away with wine clubs. The last one I had shipped to someone else because my husband started to get grumpy about all the wine boxes. But they were all such crazy good deals.

66,000 more miles until executive platinum, and I haven’t flown one leg on AA.


You’ve earned PP the , so what’s the point if you aren’t going to fly them at least 30 segments, heck even 10?


What priced wines qualify for the $29.96 new member deal? When I try & pick my own my cart is well over $29.96! Btw I finally found Winc under “Other” in Citi Offers.


I got the offer not the winc on both my citi cards


but the initial shipment is $29.9″
I did get charged taxes (TX) but it took a leap of faith, as it never showed when ordering, but the preapproval did show a bit over $30, so it was all good. i did this offer last week


UPDATE: what I see now is different, and it is:comment image


my simplymiles site is empty, not even displaying anything if clicking Browse Offers, and my active Citi biz AA card is successfully added for a few months already, look:comment image

Lord Dima

DP: Signed up for Winc back in December for AmEx offer and got the wines. Suspended subscription, then cancelled it online a couple days ago. Next day signed up using this AAshopping deal – same name, address, different email, phone, credit card. Order shipped and miles are already showing as pending in AAshopping.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lord Dima

Is anybody not seeing the Winc offer on SimplyMiles? I have only a BoA Mastercard, not Citi, in case that makes a difference.


But should I see an offer for Winc available when I log in to SimplyMiles? I see 63 offers available but none for Winc.


Yep, that’s right–Amtrak Mastercard.


Am I the only one who doesn’t have Winc in my SimplyMiles offer list?



[…] Miler flags two offers available right now that provide great value ‘mileage run from your desk’ opportunities […]


If you’ve done Winc in the past, your prior email usually won’t work for attempting these offers b/c it requires a new account. Will need to create new member account using a different email, etc.


I looked into this a couple weeks ago but have read horrible things about what a shady company this is – specifically, how difficult it is to cancel your account. There was NY Times article all about it. On top of that, you’re not getting “real” wine – it’s apparently all Winc-branded “wine”. I would be careful and really think if it’s worth potentially hours of aggravation.


Seems pretty easy to cancel. It’s right there on the website.


You can only suspend month at a time; it requires a phone call or email to get them to totally cancel. Overall, they cooperate, it’s not that hard to cancel just need to be firm and have a good reason to shut down the conversation, e.g., just joined AA.


I cancelled this morning via the live chat on the website, had to wait until 9am Eastern for the chat to open but, once on it was a retention attempt. I just kept asking “Kimberly, please cancel my membership”. After about 5 minutes the membership was cancelled.

Lord Dima

Cancelled previous subscription last night. The website cancellation flow didn’t work on the last step (nothing would happen when I pressed Cancel). Did it on mobile website on my phone and went through, got cancellation confirmation email. I’m in CA if it matters.


Can anyone recommend any OK wines?

Last edited 1 year ago by Nun
Lord Dima

I enjoyed TNL Toriga Nacional Portuguese red. Lost Poet was extremely dry/sour/bleh. I’d probably order a four pack of TNL if I can sign up for a new account.


Any reason not to do TCB for $18 CB/Citi $20 CB – net positive $8 + 1000 points?


Who wants to be the guinea pig? I don’t wanna take another hit after Byte LOL




AA portal tracked it as $29.95, so hoping after tax it triggers the citi merchant offer!


I made a purchase Sunday, it tracked in Simply Miles but so far the visit shows with no purchase amount in the AA portal.


How can it say “Sales Tax TBD” and allowing you to click check out lol


FWIW after I left that page and came back, it did show tax (after I had already picked out bottles that brought me to $30 before tax)

Lord Dima

Many stores do that or show “approximate” taxes that may get adjusted later. Best Buy, Old Navy come to mind, but I’ve seen it a lot.


My Simply Miles Winc offer says you have to use the Winc Simply Miles link. Do we know if that offer is triggered w/o using the link? The AA portal pay out is higher and a good deal on its own but the stack w/ Simply Miles would be better.


I had a similar question, so don’t have an answer for you. In addition, if you look at the t&c’s, it says cannot be combined with any other offer and may only apply to $13 bottles with a 3 bottle minimum. Basically, would this member pricing of $29.95 even count then since it’s obviously less than $13/bottle?


Don’t you have to use the citi aa card to trigger simply miles or can I use Amex and use my benefit , receive simply miles and go through a portal for a triple dip ?


The $13 wording makes no sense.

SimplyMiles states the offer as “$30 or more” and then in the offer details says 3 bottle minimum and “may only apply to $13 bottles.” Does SimplyMiles own a calculator? Why write “may only apply” instead of “only applies?”


man not having any Citi offers is such a bummer with all these stacking opportunities!

M Khan

I have a spend $30 get $30 offer on Amex (upto 3 times)… anyone else?

M Khan

Oops.. typo.. Spend $30 get $15 back (upto 4 times)

M Khan

Doesn’t look like it because it was added previously by me (sometime within the past week)

Lindsay Jones

OK, I apologize if this is a dumb question but:

I’m trying to use my AAdvantage Citi card for all my spend this year, but it doesn’t seem to have any Citi Merchant offers available at all. My other Citi card does, though. Am I missing how to find these Merchant offers for the AA card?

Another Jeff

No, some cards have them, others don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any method to the madness. Typical Citi for ya. Plenty of people with multiple cards and 0 offers.


Same here. I have five Citi cards and only get offers on my Doublecash and Rewards +…

Nick Reyes

@Lindsay, I would recommend you reconsider your strategy of using your AAdvantage Citi card for all your spend this year. Would you buy American Airlines miles at a cost of 2 cents per mile? That’s essentially what you’re doing when you use an AAdvantage card to earn just 1 mile per dollar spent since you could be earning $0.02 instead of that mile with a fee-free 2% cash back card. Or perhaps you could be earning even better than that if you value Membership Rewards at greater than 1c (2x on the Blue Business Plus on up to $50K per year) or in various areas where you could be triggering bonus categories of 3x / 4x / 5x etc on other cards.

I could see using the card a little bit to hit the next tier or when there is a spending offer, but if you subscribe to our emails and follow our posts, I am highly confident that we could get you as high as you want to be on the status chain at pretty low cost without having to settle for 1 mile per dollar spent on your AAdvantage card. I think many of us are on track for Gold status or beyond already without breaking a sweat less than three weeks into the year (and at very low cost). Follow the comments in posts like this one and keep your eye out for anything tagged with “AA status game” or “AA loyalty points”.

Lindsay Jones

Hey Reyes, thank you so much for your thoughts, they’re super helpful. I’ve managed to be Executive Platinum for many years by flying low-cost fares all over the US, but with this new Loyalty Points thing, it’s become clear to me that I can’t maintain my status through flying alone. This is why I thought I should focus on the AAdvantage card and just funnel all expenses through that to drive up my points for status. I do also have other cards, but I don’t exactly have a ton of disposable income so it’s hard me to imagine buying things that I don’t need just to get the miles. Is there a way to use these other cards and still keep building my loyalty points for status? Or is it just a different game altogether. I’ll definitely keep following your blog, I’m learning a lot and am very grateful!


Have been keeping up with your AA status suggestions, and all good in context if one wants to have a cost to the LPs vs. purely native and no-cost MS spend. Would it be correct to say that it’s all a bit at-risk until March 1, or whatever the date was that AA said we’d start seeing LPs in our accounts? Only then will we know what spend/portal/bonus/SimplyMiles, etc., actually posted as LPs? One of my dreads is that initial posting of LPs, attempting to sort out what posted and what didn’t to agree or disagree with the net posted. If we differ with what AA posts as LPs, assume it’ll be nearly impossible to get resolution.


Would you buy ELITE EARNING + REDEEMABLE MILES from AA at 2 cents a piece? Why yes, yes I would.


Nick, while I agree with you on the Amex MR’s being better for spending, you need to use a MC to trigger the Simplymiles bonuses in order to get elite status with AA and I don’t even get any Citi offers. So I don’t love putting spend on my Citi cards but all the AA Citi cards I have are MC’s. What am I missing if the goal is AA status miles up to 200k?