(EXPIRED) 10x Membership Rewards points or 11% cashback at Dell (stack with Business Platinum credits)

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The shopping portal Rakuten is currently offering 10% cashback or 10x Membership Rewards points for purchases on Dell Technologies and TopCashback is offering 11% cashback as well. Either one is a great opportunity to stack extra earnings while using Amex Business Platinum Dell credits. These increased rates are usually only up for a couple of days, so get it while it lasts.

This will stack with current Dell Amex Offers for $40 off of a $200+ purchase or $120 off of a $599+ purchase.

The Deal

  • Shopping portal Rakuten is offering 10% cashback or 10x Membership Rewards points at Dell Technologies.

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  • Shopping portal TopCashback is offering 11% cashback at Dell Technologies.

Direct link to this deal

Key Details

  • (Rakuten) Cash Back is not available on Dell Outlet, Dell Refurbished Computers, or Dell Canada purchases via Dell Technologies. Cash Back is not available on Dell Business Alliance Systems orders, Dell Employee & Affiliates Purchase Program, Dell Premier Orders, Education orders, Emerging Business Division orders, gift cards, Government orders, Healthcare orders, Internet Service Provider Division orders, Medium & Large Business orders, Dell QTO (Quote to order), Dell Outlet orders. Cash Back not available on sales of products and services believed to be sold to parties reselling products and/or services offered by Dell. Dell defines high volume as more than 3 units within 30 days of any system.

Quick Thoughts

Neither portal has an end date listed, but my assumption would be that it will only last for a few days at most. Personally, I’d prefer to use Rakuten, as I’ll take 10x Membership Rewards over 11% cashback, but either way, this is a great deal if you have Dell credits to burn. Note that the terms of both offers exclude gift cards.

Remember to always check Cashbackmonitor for comparisons and historic rates to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

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Raghu N

Thanks Tim, xbox gift cards still elusive


I don’t see them.


Stacked earlier today with 2 Amex offers. 1 for a $120 statement credit when spending $599+ & the other for 1 mile per $ spent. Ended up with 8,000 MR on Rakuten & 1,300 DL miles. Also completed my DL MQD waiver spend so DL Plat again next year. Not bad for a laptop I was buying P2.5 anyway.

Captain Greg

When I buy xbox gift cards, they are sent to my dell locker. When I am there, I can only find a license key to redeem the gift cards. How do I get the gift card number and pin so I can sell them?

Captain Greg

I’m an idiot. No gift card and pin needed. Only the license key.


game10 not working


Same here. It even says on the Dell website to use that code but when you try to apply it you get the ” Due to limited availability, this coupon is no longer active.”


game10 is working again (as of 9/6/22 10pm PDT) and rakuten is still offering 10% back.

Stew podaso

So many rookies here how to sell these giftcards… cracks me up


Got 10x Rakuten (MR) to track for Xbox live gift cards. Now just need to figure out how to get rid of them.


Is anyone else having issues with Dell cancelling your Xbox gift cards orders? I can usually just buy one or two and then all purchases get cancelled thereafter. They seem to have some sort of unwritten speed limit on GC purchases.


Every single order of mine got cancelled a few days later about 1 month ago when I tried to purchase them but no one on the site responded. See my post below. Thanks

Captain Greg

Where/how do you sell the Microsoft gift cards?

[…] can be a great use of the Dell credits from the Business Platinum, especially if you wait for a 10x bonus from a portal like Rakuten or Topcashback. Awhile ago, my wife and I bought a Surface laptop that was on-sale using approximately $900 in […]


Anyone know if there is a delay is receiving the gift card via email from Dell? Placed a few orders on 07/12, 07/13 and all confirmed by Dell but still no emails with the digital gift card. Thanks!


Meant to say Xbox Gift Card purchases from Dell


I made a xbox gift card purchase on 6/29 at Dell, but my Amex Biz Platinum statement showed the purchase as 7/1, and then a couple days later I got the $200 credit. Do you think they gave me the 1st half or 2nd half credit? Really hope I could get another $200 statement credit, but actually thinking that I’m screwed. Any data points on this? Will definitely use the credit earlier next time around.

Larry K

I also have a 10 percent off Dell Amex offer, so if it all stacks right I think I just bought $250 worth of XBOX download codes for $2.50 plus 2,250 Amex points. Not bad! Now if I only knew what the hell to do with XBOX gift codes.

Larry K

Thanks Tim. Where do you sell them? 80 percent would be fine.

Although Dell cancelled 2 of my 3 orders. I think I will wait and try again tomorrow for the other 2.

Larry K

Thanks Tim.


They want DOB and identity documents? Seems a litte excessive TBH


I am looking for items around $100 on Dell. Any ideas would be appreciated. Nick had a post about items to buy at Saks that was very helpful along with plenty of ideas from commenters! I’m sure others reading this post would appreciate fresh ideas too. So thanks in advance to anyone helping out.

Boo Boo Bear

I am not even buying XBOX GCs, but a monitor. When I go to checkout, it changes from 10% (Dell Technologies) to 2% (Dell). 🙁


Start with FM’s link. On check-out I started having Rakuen pop-up for 2% and a couple of others I have. I did NOT click on any, but proceeded to payment and out. My 10X (Amex) Rakuen posted a little later – no issues.

Alex Z.

What do you do with Xbox cards after ?


Good catch! I was able to pick up a new Logitech MX Keys Combo for pretty cheap. Its currently $219 but got the 10x back and then it includes a $50 GC from Dell. So after the Plat Biz credit I will make a bit to get a new keyboard and mouse. Not a bad day!


only showing $10 off $200, is there a limit of $10 or 1 card?


10x only applies to Dell Technologies for work. When I selected xbox gift card, it automatically switched to 2x. I guess the gift card is sold on Dell Consumer site.


I landed at Dell Technologies for Work with 10x. As soon as I selected xbox gift card, Rakuten popped up with 2x, so I did not proceed.

Biggie F

Huh. I did the Xbox giftcard(s) through Rakuten to Dell Technologies for Work, bought $250 with the 10% off code, so $225 total … and Rakuten currently showing 2,250 MR points back effective 15 November. So that seems to have worked.

Tim, I really appreciated the nudge to do this … A month ago got P2 a nice Dell laptop that would have cost $850 (after $250 Dell markdown) for about $340ai with various stacks, and didn’t feel like buying anything physical at the moment. Also, may be canceling my card in a couple of weeks, so the Xbox card thing got this off of my plate. With an Amex 10% back offer for the stack, I’m happy with $250 in gift cards and 2,475 MR points … for $2.50.

Captain Greg

Can I use an authorized user green card (from my business platinum) to make this purchase and still have the credit apply? The authorized user card has the +1 MR amex offer at Dell attached to it, so even though it’s minor, it would be more advantageous to use that card than my biz platinum. Thanks!


I used authorized green card for dell purchases and received the credit.

Captain Greg

I figured, but wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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