$1K gift cards out of stock at some Simon Malls


We have received a few reports from readers about a few Simon Malls being out of stock of $1K Visa Gift Cards. I posted a picture in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group of some swag I got when picking up gift cards the weekend before last and that was where we first received a report. Over the past weekend, I heard a couple more reports of malls that were out of stock. Official word is that this is a temporary issue and stock should be restored by late April / early May. Still, we thought it was worth a quick post to alert regular purchasers that there may be a coming supply shortage.

Some swag I got at a Simon Mall when picking up gift cards recently. I’m pretty sure that the cologne smells of Visa Debit Cards and is meant to throw cashiers off my scent.

Note that I don’t know that this issue is widespread at this point — we’ve only received a few reports and I was able to purchase recently without issue at a busy shopping center. I imagine that some malls are more heavily trafficked than others, so you may need to make a trip out of your way if you’re looking to stock up in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that if you’re approved to make larger purchases (i.e. up to $25K in a single transaction) and you’re looking to purchase at a different mall than usual, you should likely reach out to both malls in advance to be sure that you will be able to purchase the amount you’re expecting.

These cards have obviously proved to be quite popular. Hopefully, this is indeed resolved by early May and only turns out to be a short-term supply crunch.

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Still going strong with 1k Simon Visa Gift Cards at the Nashua NH Pheasant Lane mall. The only time I’ve had them run out was during the Christmas shopping season.


Are those scammers pretending to be from IRS back asking for gift cards ? Tax time.


Memphis, TN is out until May. Per the email I received they’re switching to J-Hook Visas which have a max limit of $500. They are NOT waiving the second $3.95 fee.


That is correct. I took the email to mean those are what they’ll be issuing in the meantime until they get more of the regular cards in May.


Let me guess, made in China? Victim of Chinese New Year and Covid-19?
This will be a hard fit for SM.

[…] Update 3/11/20: Some locations are out of stock currently. This is a supply issue and Simon Mall are not discontinuing this cards currently. Supply is expected to return by late April early May. Hat tip to FM […]

The Other Sam

KOP, PA is out. Heard the same line about restocking by early May. Bummer.

Any idea about Gloucester Premium Outlets in NJ?


I’d bet the Over that part (creating PVCA) of their card production process takes place in China, hence the two month “optimistic” hope of restock.


Wow? Late April/early May? That’s quite a delay.

Jose mesa

Went over the weekend in Westchester, Ny and got the last nine cards.


Knoxville TN Simon Mall is out.

Ed. C

I’m pretty sure my SM just uses variable load cards because they always thank me for letting me know I’m going to be coming in so they have time to program the cards. I always buy 24 $1,000 ones and 1 for $900…..

I don’t get swag, just a bag of chocolate chip cookies…. Which I’m fine with!

Ed. C

So, they aren’t running out of “$1,000 Visa Gift Cards”, but instead they are running out of variable load cards? That makes sense, now.

Ed. C

Not confusing at all IMO. Have you not seen all the posts on the various blogs from people saying they can’t find anything higher than $500 at SM because they don’t know that there aren’t “$1,000 Visa Gift Cards”???

Semantics aside, I contacted my SM and they said they have plenty and will have my order ready when I get there!


They also didn’t have embossed numbers at my local SM, only printed numbers which I’m not such a fan of


Camarillo, CA location was out this last week. Only had the $500 options. They were willing to waive the activation fees on the 2nd card due to being out of $1000 cards