ANA extending mile expiration to March 31, 2022


If you have ANA miles that are set to expire on or before February 28, 2022 you’re in luck.  ANA is once again incrementally extending expiration, this time until March 31, 2022.  If you previously registered and received an extension to September 30, 2021 then you do not need to register again.  If you did not register before, then you must register in order to have your miles extended.  Register here.

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This news is a bit of a relief for me.  Some readers will remember that I had planned to use up my expiring miles by booking a Round the World business class trip.  See: My Round the World business class adventure (planning phase) and My Round the World business class adventure (exploring hacks, and testing limits).  As time ticked towards my ANA expiration date, the problem that surfaced was that our plans centered around visiting Australia and New Zealand, but neither is likely to open to American visitors anytime soon.  So, I waited with the hope that ANA would extend mile expiration dates again.  And now they have!  I would have appreciated a longer reprieve, but I’ll take the extra six months!

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It doesn’t seem like Australia will be open again by next March, or at least not with enough notice to plan an ANA RTW. So are you just hoping for another extension or do you have other plans to use your miles?

Rick I

You are on a roll. My son lives in NZ and haven’t seen him in 2 years. I’ve just started looking at the ANAA Round the World ticket as well. I’m assuming you are transferring MR to earn the miles?

Any particular sites you’ve seen with a good explanation of this award?

Thanks Greg

Steve S does a pretty good job of covering the rules of ANA rtwt

Rick I

Thanks Greg