Citi Merchant Offers Now Available For Most (Or All?) Cardholders


In December 2020, Citi launched Citi Merchant Offers – spending offers that work similarly to Amex Offers and Chase Offers.

There was a downside for many Citi cardholders though – they weren’t targeted for this program. It seemed like Citi had been slow-rolling the launch of the program and my wife and I were some of the unlucky ones to not see any Citi Merchant Offers on our cards since they launched.

If you were in the same boat as me, there might be some good news – Citi now seems to have rolled this out to more cardholders.

Jeph36 gave us a heads up about this last week when they commented on this post about some Uber, Uber One and Uber Eats Citi Offers. They’d not been targeted for Citi Merchant Offers in the past, but dozens of offers now showed up on their cards. Prompted by jeph36’s comment, I checked my account and all of my Citi cards now had these spending offers available.

For some reason Citi has decided to make it non-intuitive as to how to access these deals, so the easiest way to see if you have these offers is to log in here. It might be that only Citi personal cardholders have access to these offers – they’re now showing on my account, but my wife who only has Citi business cards still isn’t seeing Citi Merchant Offers on her account.

One of the useful features of these Citi Merchant Offers is that they’ll usually be found on Mastercards. The reason that’s useful is because it means they’ll stack with card-linked offers from SimplyMiles, with many offers being duplicated – but stackable – through both programs. For example, there were Citi Merchant Offers for Uber, Uber One and Uber Eats with similar offers also being found on SimplyMiles, thereby enabling you to get statement credits from Citi and both AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points from SimplyMiles.

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I just got a new card and the rep asked me if I wanted to share a login with my other citi personal card, or create a new one.

To use Citi merchant offers, would one be better than the other?


Great! Thank you. On the Merchant Offers page, is there a dropdown to select the card you want to check?



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Enjoy Fine Food

Citi may stack with Simply Miles, but mere minutes after I added Citi Merchant Offers to my AA Platinum Select card (Thanks for the link!) I got bounced from the AA Dining Program: “We’re so happy you’ve been enjoying dining with us! We noticed that you recently moved a credit or debit card to another dining program. Each card can only be registered in one dining program, so you will no longer be earning American Airlines AAdvantage® miles with that card.”


Finally. I’ve been waiting years for any of my cards to have available Merchant Offers. Now all three of my cards have them. Thanks for the heads-up!


Looks like still no offers for Citi Costco cards.

Reno Joe

For me, it took a while for offers to populate separate cards. At first, it was just one offer. Then, just a few. Now, nearly 100. Some appear on one card but not other cards — so, there is likely targeting.


Does anyone know if the Uber offer for $10 off applies to rides? There is also a $9.99 off offer for Uber One but I am talking about the other offer.


yes that is what it is for. there is a separate uber eats offer for eats only.


Finally my AA Platinum Select has them. I can only find them via the link in this post, not sure within Citi.

Last edited 10 months ago by Sean

Has anyone had these statement credits post recently? I have used several of them (like the Uber ones). I see them as used, but no statement credits yet. I have seen others say they haven’t seen statement credits in months.

Greg The Frequent Miler

They seem to be taking months to post


Update: After not posting for months, all my Citi merchant credits posted overnight. Yay!


I am having same issue here, one month since charged Uber ride. No credit even though it says offer redeemed .


This is a big deal, makes this better than Amex Offers because right now you can add the same offer to multiple cards.


lets first find out if we can use it separately on all cards.


you can. i had the BP and AT&T offers on multiple cards earlier this year and got the credit for each card. now i have the BP offers on 4 cards again, so time to go back out and buy $80 more in gas – which is much easier now than in jan!


Thanks for that information. I see BP for 3 of my cards. Will save a little before it expires.


Do you recall how long it took for the credits to post? Still haven’t gotten it for the BP offer and it’s been a few weeks since the purchase.


it used to be in days, maybe a week or two. dec 31 purchase, jan 3 credit posted. but based on greg’s comment above seems to be taking months now. i didn’t do any offers for a couple months so no recent experience here (i did uber on sat – no credit yet).