(EXPIRED) $30 back on $200 with 7-day streak via Point Debit Card

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Update 11/25/21: This deal is back yet again (and will be yet another $60 win for my wife and I in 2-player mode), but this time you have to use the card 7 days in a row to spend a cumulative $200 or more before 12/24. This should be easy for many people with 10x / 10% back at Costco right now. Keep in mind the current offer to get your first year free when you sign up by 11/26 and spend $200 by 12/5. Stack that with this (and 10% back at Costco!) and you’re ahead of the game. Note that you can instantly fund your Point card with an existing debit card (gift cards don’t work) and get started spending right away.

Update 9/24/21: This deal is back yet again. You must use the card 5 days in a row by October 3rd and spend a cumulative $200 or more to get the 3,000 ($30) back in points. Stack this with shopping portals and card-linked offers to save even more if shopping online.

The Point Debit Card is back with a new 7-day streak offer: get 3,000 points (worth $30) back when you use your Point Debit Card 5 days in a row and spend a cumulative $200 or more. That’s a great deal on a debit card.

Point app debit card

The Deal

  • The Point Debit Card is offering a 7-day streak: use your Point Debit Card for 7 consecutive days between now and December 24, 2021 and get 3,000 bonus points (worth $30) if you spend a cumulative $200 or more

If you’re new to the Point Debit Card

If you’re new to the Point Debit Card, note that the annual fee is now $99. That gets billed on your first deposit, but as noted above if you sign up by 11/26/21, you’ll get $99 in points if you spend $200 on the card by 12/5/21.

If you want to try it out, feel free to use one of our referral links / codes:

Key Terms

  • Must use the card 7 days in a row by December 24, 2021
  • Must spend a cumulative $200 or more

Quick Thoughts

The hits just keep on coming on the Point Debit Card. They have run streaks the past several months and have consistently had excellent payouts at places like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sephora (all currently 5x / 5% back subject to different limits) and Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (all currently 10x / 10% back). Even Tesla owners get a win with 10x at Superchargers. And new benefits like rideshare protection and temporary increased rates of 10x / 10% back on subscriptions and 6x / 6% back on food delivery are coming soon.

I have read some reports of people sometimes not getting points for things like Amazon gift card balance reloads (rather than gift card purchases) or points not posting on the same day as the transaction. Personally, I haven’t had any issues. Typically the way these things work is that base points post right away and bonus points post 30 days later.

For this Point Debit Card streak, my wife and I will be sure to spend for the next 6 days making small purchases (likely on the same insurance bill) and then we’ll likely each make a payment toward the same insurance bill on Day 7 and hope to end up with $60 in our pockets that we didn’t expect (for the purists out there, I guess that’ll be more like $50 that we didn’t expect since we could have gotten 2.625% back with our Premium Rewards card with Platinum Honors). Still, fifty bucks from a debit card that’s already given us far more than fifty bucks is a win in my book.

I’m glad to see Point back with a streak and hope they keep this streak alive. There is no way they can keep up these kinds of promotions forever, but I’ll take them while they’re giving them up. Keep in mind my advice from previous posts: points are currently worth $0.01 each, but they could always change that so I recommend cashing out points sooner rather than later just in case.

Recent streaks:

  • Spend for 5 consecutive days ($200 or more total) by October 3rd
  • Spend for 5 consecutive days ($200 or more total) between 9/12 and 9/22
  • Spend for 5 consecutive days by August 20th
  • Spend for 5 consecutive days by July 4th
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I signed up yesterday for this card. I haven’t received any email about this streak. Am I still eligible for this?


All I see in the points tab is Fund your point card to earn 200 points. I haven’t received the physical card yet, may be thats why they dint give me the streak bonus.


Anyone get their referral bonus yet?
I sucessfully refer 4 people, but 2 of my 5th referral fail to open an account!
They got the “unable to verify your application”, when they try to open the account.
Is this their trick to not give the bonus?


Does this promotion count Amazon reloads or other electronic gift card purchases towards the purchase / transaction requirements?


Mine was 5 days in a row, with total spend of $200