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There soon will be no Point (Debit Card) anymore

The PointCard Debit Card always seemed to good to last. Unfortunately, the end is near. Yesteday, PointCard notified cardholders that they are discontinuing the...

[Update: No more debit funding] PointCard limiting debit card loading to $300 effective 5/19/22

Update 5/13/22: PointCard has sent an email to members today indicating that they will no longer provide third party debit card funding at all...

(Expired) Point Debit Card: Earn 5x At Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

The Point debit card has been an extremely valuable card for us over the last few months, primarily due to its 5x earnings at...
Point Debit Card No More 5x

PSA: Many PointCard 5x Spending Offers Have Finally Ended

Bad news for those of you who have been taking advantage of the PointCard debit card's 5x spending offers at some popular retailers -...
Point debit card 20 airlines (1)

(EXPIRED) Point Debit Card: Earn 20x On Delta, American, United, Southwest & JetBlue

The Point debit card is back with another round of spending offers, giving 20x points (AKA 20% cashback) for American Airlines, Delta, United, Southwest...
Point debit card Walmart 5x

(EXPIRED) Point Debit Card: Earn 5x (5%) At Walmart On Up To $1,000 Spend...

In addition to the seemingly constant 5x spending offers at Amazon, Costco, Whole Foods, Best Buy and more, the Point debit card is now...

(EXPIRED) PointCard “Golden Ticket” and other increased referral offers

The PointCard Debit Card is out with some new targeted referral offers that might make the card more appealing (and separately they have some new...

Quick tip: Max out the PointCard 10x wireless offer by paying down EIPs

I wanted to put out a quick tip because there is currently a deal to get 10x points on the PointCard debit card for...

(EXPIRED) 10x on donations to support Ukraine with PointCard debit card

PointCard debit card is out with an offer to earn 10x on donations to support Ukraine. Specifically, they are offering 10x points (10% back) on purchases...
Point debit card 10x Target

(EXPIRED) Point Debit Card: Earn 10x At Target Through March 6

The Point debit card has returned with another 10x spending offer for Target that's valid for both in-store and online purchases. The Deal Earn 10x...

(EXPIRED) Point Card: Earn 1% back on up to $5,000 of direct deposit monthly

The Point Debit card came on the scene last year and keeps getting more and more noteworthy with a variety of earning opportunities like...

(EXPIRED) Point Debit Referral Offer: $100 back after $50 in spend

The Point Debit card came on the scene last year and comes with a variety of earning opportunities (like the 5x Costco offer I...

(EXPIRED) 10% back on your phone bill with PointCard Debit Card

Through March 14, 2022 the PointCard Debit Card is offering 10x points on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Since points are worth $0.01 each, that's like...

(EXPIRED) 10x DoorDash with PointCard Debit Card

The PointCard Debit Card is out with yet another big temporary bonus category: through February 8, 2022 get 10x (effectively 10% back) on DoorDash. You can...

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