(EXPIRED) Free Rimowa Bag with 5 Point Debit Card Referrals, Reduced spending requirement

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The Point Debit Card is out with a new referral offer: refer 5 friends to the Point Card before 11/26/21 and you’ll get a free Rimowa bag of your choice (up to $1,000) when each friend spends $200 before 12/5/21. Each friend you refer gets a “free year” in the form of $99 in points when they spend $200 before 12/5/21. This actually looks like it could be a pretty exciting deal for those who can refer friends.

The Deal

  • The Point Debit Card is offering a new referral deal. Each friend you refer by 11/26/21 gets $99 in points when they spend $200 by 12/5/21 (note that the card’s $99 annual fee is billed on their first deposit, so this makes the card a “net free” for them for the first year). If you get 5 friends to sign up by 11/26/21 who each spend $200 or more on the card by 12/5/21, you will get the Rimowa bag of your choice (by getting up to $1,000 back in points for a Rimowa purchase)

If you’re new to the Point Debit Card

If you’re new to the Point Debit Card, note that the annual fee is now $99. That gets billed on your first deposit, but as noted above if you sign up by 11/26/21, you’ll get $99 in points if you spend $200 on the card by 12/5/21.

If you want to try it out, feel free to use one of our referral links / codes:

Key Terms

For those referring new customers and hoping to earn a Rimowa bag:

  • Point will credit your account with points equal to a settled transaction at Rimowa before 12/17/2021 using your Point Card (up to $1000), provided you (A) refer five (5) new users to Point Card who are approved for accounts after 1:30PM PST 11/12/2021 and before 11:59PM PST 11/26/2021 (each a “Referred User”), and (B) each Referred User spends at least $200 before 11:59PM PST 12/5/2021.
  • Points may take 4–6 weeks to appear in your account.
  • Referred Users must not have previously held a Point account.
  • Each Referred User will also receive 9900 points upon meeting their spend requirement under these terms.
  • If the transaction at Rimowa is refunded or reversed, Point may withdraw or not grant the points associated with this offer.
  • All spend by Referred Users must settle and not be the subject of refunds or returns to be eligible.
  • The value of this offer or program may result in miscellaneous income received from Point. You are responsible for any tax liability related to participating in the offer/program. Please consult your personal tax advisor if you have any questions about how this could affect your taxes.
  • This offer is subject to change and may be cancelled at any time without notice.
  • To be eligible for this bonus offer, the account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.
  • Your earned points will appear in your app.
  • Any points granted under this offer may be withdrawn if you are suspected of engaging in bad faith efforts to earn rewards.
  • Link to full terms

Quick Thoughts

This looks like a very interesting deal given that the Point Debit Card keeps coming out with valuable spending offers and I don’t see that changing with the holiday shopping season coming up.

For those referring someone, the deal terms indicate that the way this works is that Point will credit your account with points equal to a settled transaction at Rimowa before 12/17/2021 using your Point Card (up to $1000) if you meet the referral conditions. That’s pretty awesome. It isn’t clear to me though whether or not you’ll know that you’ve reached the 5 required referrals, so I guess this deal will best be done by referring people who you know. The downside of this offer is that if you refer more than 5 people, I don’t think you’ll get anything additional. And if you post your link on Facebook or Twitter or something, I don’t think you’ll have a way to know whether or not 5 people signed up. On the other hand, this could certainly make for good conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

For those unfamiliar with Point, it may seem odd to have a debit card with an annual fee (even if they rebate it after the $200 spend), but it has been a great deal thus far. Keep in mind that Point Debit Card points are worth 1c each, so 10x is like 10% back. The card ordinarily earns 1x / 1% back on most purchases, which is already a great deal for a debit card. But it gets better. So far just since I signed up (and I’ll note that I was a late adopter), Point has run:

And they recently added rideshare and missed event ticket protection, which I wrote about here.

The Point Debit Card was previously offering $100 in points for each person you refer after they spend $1,000 in the first 30 days and each friend has gotten $100 in points after meeting that spending requirement.

With this new deal, the spending requirement for your friends to get a net free year is much lower — they just need to spend $200. That’s a great deal for the person signing up. Point has continuously run fantastic deals over the past several months and I imagine they aren’t planning to slow down as the holiday shopping season kicks in. Getting it net free with a low spend threshold is pretty nice.

Note that I’m saying “net free” because Point will still bill the $99 annual fee after your friend makes their first deposit. Then, after they spend $200, they will get $99 in points (which they could instantly redeem for $99 cash in their account). So your friend will need to deposit at least $299 to meet their end of the deal — $99 to cover the fee and $200 to spend.

Personally, I’m excited because I know I wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on a Rimowa bag but I think I can probably find 5 people interested in trying out Point, especially with this new lower spending threshold. Now off to daydream at the Rimowa website for a few . . .

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Erik Vazquez

Nick have you ordered your Rimowa yet or do you know how the process works after getting 5 referrals?

Erik Vazquez

Did you hear anything about this? I emailed them this week and they should I should get an email about the office by the end of this week. Not sure if they were sending it out in waves or something.


Anyone get their referral bonus yet?
I sucessfully refer 4 people, but 2 of my 5th referral fail to open an account!
They got the “unable to verify your application”, when they try to open the account.
Is this their trick to not give the bonus?


Hi Nick,
Did you or anyone got their rimowa? I want to share my experience here, because i never see you mention it on the podcast or post again.

I signed up through your link, and after i make $200 purchase they only give me 200 points , i texted and ask them , they say that my signup bonus is 10k points after $1000 purchase.

So, my first 4 referral were approved instantly before thanksgiving and like i mention on my comment above 2 of my fifth referral were failed, both of them apply on thanksgiving day,i went on and refer 2 more friend applying again 1 by 1 on friday morning, they both failed to open an account too,
I really feel like they really wont let people complete this promotion successfully.
So, i text the customer service and ask them if it because of thanksgiving day, and their answer is no and they said is because they unable to verify the identity, and they ask me to wait 48 hours so that their team can verify it manually. And i ask them, if they got approved bu then ,is it gonna be count toward my fifth referral before 11/26, their answer is uncertain.
I feel so disappointed, because all of my friends were instantly approved for a credit card from few different bank before, and they file tax return every year, it just didn’t make sense!

Later in the afternoon, another friend is willing to help me, so i try to give it a final shot, and he got approved after around 30 minutes of loading instead of few minutes like i did mine.
So i immediately text them to confirm that i have 5 referral.And they confirmed it!
After that i make sure all of us spend $200 before 12/5.and i text them again on 12/5, ask them how is the bonus work, they told me if i qualify , they’ll send an email.

I text them again on 12/13 coz i still haven’t got the email, and they
Said they’ll review it and ask me to check back on wednesday if i din’t hear from them.
Finally on 12/14 they text back(no email) saying congratulations in qualify to purchase my rimowa before 12/17! And aks me to text them back once i made the purchase!

I purchase the bag on 12/15 and text them , and they congratz me saying “congratulations on finally getting that bag, Enjoy your hard earned bag for Christmas Gift”
And reimbursed me with 100k point immediately.

I also got 10k point for each referral,
So in total i’ve got 150k point.

Overall, its a pretty tough deal to do, it take a lot of focus, I’m still not sure how i feel about this experience, but im happy with the Rimowa that i got which i probably won’t buy if its not free with this promotion.

So I want to Thank You, Greg and all the Frequent Miler Team for doing the hard work and share all of this informations.

Your podcast is the one im looking forward to hear every week!


Do you have to go through Point Card in app portal/link in order to earn 5x at Amazon? I purchased on Amazon via PC with Point Card, it’s only showing 1x earning.

[…] Free Rimowa Bag with 5 Point Debit Card Referrals, Reduced spending requirement by FM […]


If there is no use of additional referrals for you, can the readers share their referral links to see if they can get to the 5 referrals?


Thank you for the detailed explanation, Nick. You can count me as one of the 5 :).


Please do share what you find at rimowa!

It seems like a bit of a challenge to find something under $1000