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Richard Branson Gives Greg The Frequent Miler the Finger

Here’s what Richard Branson thinks of our hobby

On my recent trip to Richard Branson's Necker Island (paid for with 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles), I was delighted to find that Richard...
Necker Island View from Patio

Necker Island award price probably going up. Last call for 1.2 million miles.

UPDATE: Virgin Atlantic didn't increase the award price after all. Instead they added a requirement. You must now have Silver or Gold status with...
Necker Island Food

Top 5 reasons Necker Island may be worth 1.2 million miles

On my amazing Necker Island vacation, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Richard Branson. A reader asked if that was the highlight...
Richard Branson

Necker Island Zip Line lunch with Richard Branson

This has been a crazy day on Richard Branson's Necker Island! I had lunch with Richard, participated in non-stop activities from morning to night,...
Necker Island Sunset Kayak

Necker Island Day 3

Our third day on Richard Branson's incredible Necker Island was was mostly off-island... First, nearly all of the guests took a motorboat trip to a...
a lemur with its tongue out

Necker Island Day 2

Richard Branson's Necker island is absurdly great.  Incredible views.  Awesome food and service.  Fantastic animals... I've been too busy having fun to worry about writing...
a pool with lights on

Necker Island Day 1

Background: Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson's home and favorite hideaway situated in the British Virgin Islands, a stunning and unspoiled area of the...
Necker Island

Days away from Necker Island

In April, 2015, I decided that it would be cool to use miles to book a week on Sir Richard Branson’s private Island.  Virgin...
Necker Island FREE* for Valentines Day

Richard Branson’s Necker Island FREE* for Valentine’s Day

* FREE = 1.2 million miles If you have 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles sitting around, here’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your loved...
Necker Island Free Week

How to book a free week on Necker Island

Richard Branson’s Necker Island is available to rent in-whole for a party of up to 30 people for an astronomical sum.  Or, one can...
a room with a view of the ocean

1,200,000 miles for Necker Island: Not easy. Not free.

Yesterday I reported my success in earning 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles which I plan to use for a week on Sir Richard Branson’s...
Necker Island Wildlife

Necker Island, here we come!

7 months ago I decided that it would be cool to use miles to book a week on Sir Richard Branson’s private Island.  Virgin...
Necker Island

Necker Island and the 30% transfer bonus dilemma

Oy.  Amex is offering a 30% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic this month, but the offer is targeted.  I was targeted for...
Necker Island

Necker Island: 557,000 miles in the bag, 180,000 miles on the way, and my...

My Virgin Atlantic account currently shows a balance of over 557,000 miles.  With most programs, I’d be pretty happy about that.  In this case,...

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