Transfer Wyndham points to Caesars (limit increased to 60K per year)


Wyndham Rewards and Caesars Rewards have a partnership whereby members can transfer Wyndham Rewards points to Caesars (where they become Rewards Credits) or from Caesars Rewards credits to Wyndham. This has been one method for keeping Wyndham points alive and it has obviously also been useful for those with a desire to have points in one account or the other. In years past, transfers were limited to 30K points per year, but it looks like the limit has been increased to 60K points per year.


The Deal

Key Terms

  • Members may transfer up to 60,000 points per year in either direction

Quick Thoughts

The ability to move points between Wyndham and Caesars is something we’ve mentioned in the past for the ability to keep your Wyndham points alive, but we’ve often mentioned that it’s of limited use given the (previous) limit of 30K points per year moved in either direction. At 60K, this is twice as useful as before. On the surface, that’s good news.

Keep in mind that you can sometimes get well over 1c per point when redeeming through Wyndham particularly if you make good use of the partnership with Vacasa. I am itching to get back to the Pigeon Forge area and to use points for another cabin with a great view. On the flip side, while Caesars points are worth a flat 1c per point whether used toward room rates or things charged to your room like meals and massages, those who generate a lot of Wyndham points may still find that useful. In states where sportsbooks are legal, bettors who want to parlay their Wyndham points into something more may find the conversion at least somewhat intriguing.

A friend pointed out noticing this change in an email from Caesars Rewards and I initially took it to be a limited-time deal for 2023, but based on what I read on both the Caesars and Wyndham websites, I take this to be a permanent change.

Overall, I take this newly-increased limit to be a positive sign. That said, it’s not the best we’ve seen: last year, Wyndham and Caesars increased the cap to 100K for everyone for a couple of months. Hopefully we’ll see something like that return this year, but in absence of it this increase is a decent consolation prize.

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