Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures

Frequent Miler's 2019 40K to Far Away Challenge is done! Greg, Nick, and Stephen competed to see who could go farthest with 40,000 points and $400! Click here for contest results and next steps.

Near the end of the first day of the 40K to Far Away adventure, I was mentally worn out by the time my Megabus ride arrived in Manhattan. Honestly, I was already wondering why I was doing this. Other than visiting the Library of Congress my trip so far hadn’t been fun. Not at all. Why didn’t I try harder to make my cruise idea work?  I could have been sipping margarita’s on a pool-side lounger. Instead, I was sitting on a cramped bus sweating details of the upcoming trip that I had yet to solve.

a blue and yellow bus

Despite the Megabus taking an hour longer than planned to reach the city, I was only mildly worried about making my flight in time. I was pretty sure I’d make it. My main worry was that all of my plans for sleeping somewhere in Madrid the next day had fallen through. I had made countless requests for lodging via CouchSurfing, but no hosts accepted. I also had secured a free membership to WeWork where I hoped that I could sleep on a sofa overnight. Sadly, I learned that “hot desk” members (which is what I am) are not allowed to stay after hours. I was also having a hard time nailing down my expected costs in Dakar for the day after Madrid. I was worried that if I spent even $15 on a hostel or Airbnb in Madrid, then transportation to and from the airport in Dakar would blow my budget.

Fortunately, my buddy Julian had offered to meet me at the Megabus drop-off and ride with me on the subway to JFK. I’m sure I could have managed it myself, but it was great to be able to simply follow along. I needed that. But, that was near the end of the day. Let’s go back to the beginning…

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (and the $20 shower)

a room with a staircase and tables and chairs

Wednesday morning, I had woken early after a late night at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in order to make my morning flight on time. This was the first day of 40K to Far Away and I was excited to get going! I left the room without shaving because the hotel shuttle runs only every half hour and I wanted to catch the earliest one possible. It turned out that my hurrying wasn’t necessary. My flight would be delayed.

a screenshot of a phone

At the airport I camped out in the beautiful Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse thanks to my Priority Pass card. There I ate breakfast and did some work. When I learned I had extra time I asked about using the shower (so that I could comfortably shave). “That will be $20,” I was told. Ah… no. That’s way above my 40K to Far Away shower budget (for the record, my shower budget = $0). Ironically, later the same day I’d have another delayed flight and another Priority Pass opportunity to shower. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…

To West Virginia and back

a brick building with windows

My flight took off 40 minutes late. I flew to Lewisburg West Virginia where I was dumped outside of security into the smallest airport I’ve ever seen. The gate agent inside of security (about 15 feet from me) was already announcing boarding to DC. I passed through security and re-boarded the same plane. The flight attendant and I had a nice laugh while I explained what I was doing. If you’re curious why I flew to West Virginia and back, see this post: Greg’s #40KFarAway Mystery Excursions.

Air France Lounge = lunch + dinner

a room with tables and chairs

Back at Dulles airport, I saw that the Air France lounge was just about to open at 11:30am. I waited a few minutes and entered, again thanks to Priority Pass. Yes, I could have returned to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, but I wanted to try out another lounge. The Air France lounge was a good choice with good food. I succeeded on day one in eating both breakfast and lunch, for free, in nice lounges. The best part was that they had sandwiches on french bread next to a side of sliced meat. I combined the two to make a mega “to-go” sandwich which I put into two Ziploc sandwich bags. This would be my dinner later on.

Tourist time in the nation’s capital

a large building with columns and a tiled floor

For $7.50, I took bus 5A from Dulles to L’Enfant Plaza, near the National Mall. From there, I explored the Library of Congress and took a free tour. The tour guide wasn’t great, but the building was fascinating. I highly recommend it.


a sandwich in a plastic bag

Finally, I walked to Union Station where I boarded the Megabus bound for NYC. I had found a $1 fare, which really cost $4.25 after taxes. The bus ride was slow, but uneventful. I ate my Air France club sandwich for dinner. It was surprisingly delicious.

A pain in the butt mistake

At JFK I had wanted to go to a Priority Pass lounge to eat and shower before my overnight Norwegian flight, but the two Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 1 are only accessible during specific hours to Priority Pass customers. For evening passengers, one lounge is only accessible will the Priority Pass card until 8pm. And the other, the Air France lounge, is accessible beginning at 11pm. I arrived at the airport too late for the first and would likely board my Norwegian flight too early for the second.

Near the Norwegian gate, I used all of my gymnastic skills to change from shorts to long pants in a men’s room stall. Somewhere in this process I noticed that my inflatable butt pillow wasn’t in my backpack. I had stupidly rolled it up and carried it hanging out of a side pouch of my backpack. Somewhere between Manhattan and here, I had lost it. I really should have found a way to stuff it inside of my backpack! I looked for it and asked about it at the security line (maybe it had fallen out of my backpack in the x-ray?), but no luck.

Flight delay turns into nearly missed flight

Changing in the men’s room turned out to be unnecessary. Norwegian announced that our flight would be delayed. The new boarding time would be 11:55pm. Yes! I now had time to go to the Air France lounge!

In the lounge, I asked about taking a shower, and was given a fresh towel. The lounge was packed so I was very lucky that the sole shower was available. After a long sweaty day, the hot shower was luxurious. I finally shaved and donned my next set of clothing. As planned, I tossed in the trash my sweaty threadbare underwear and t-shirt.

While most of the food in the lounge had been picked over (and they apparently had no plans to restock it for the Priority Pass crowd), I managed to scrape together a big snack. They also had bins of small packaged sweets. I put a handful in my backpack. This was a wise move that would come in handy later.

At 11:55 I hurried back to the Norwegian gate. I figured that since I was in boarding group 4 million or so, I would have plenty of time. I was wrong! I approached the gate at 11:57 to hear my name being called over the loudspeaker. “Gregory Davis-Kean: last call for boarding! Gregory Davis-Kean…” I sprinted the last 30 yards and re-introduced the sweat that I had just showered off. The sprint was unnecessary. On the jet bridge there was still a line waiting to get onto the plane.

Surprisingly nice Norwegian flight

a man holding a bottle in a plane

My assigned seat was next to a very nice young couple who seemed eager for a bit of privacy. When I had a chance, I changed to another aisle seat where no one was in the middle seat. This gave me more space and left the couple with more room to cuddle. Win win. Even better, the next morning I struck up a great conversation with my row-mate who happens to be a University of Michigan graduate. I really enjoyed talking to Patrick and hope that he contacts me next time he comes to Ann Arbor (I gave him my card).

The flight itself was unexpectedly very nice too. I’ve never flown Norwegian before, so I expected the worst. After all, I paid only $140 (9326 Ultimate Rewards points) for this flight to Madrid. But I was delighted to find that our flight sported a clean and modern 787 with in-flight entertainment and easily as much leg room as I’d get in economy on Delta (the airline I fly most often). Our flight was further delayed due to a technical glitch, but once we got started I slept fairly well for the rest of the flight.

I awoke feeling relatively fresh and ready to take on the day. Even with no plan for how or where I’d sleep that night, I was feeling better about the challenge. The first day was all about positioning for 40K. The flights to and from West Virginia were necessary for future Excursionist flights to come. And the bus ride to Manhattan was necessary to get to JFK cheaply. Once in Madrid, though, the real travel would begin…

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[…] last year as part of 40k To Far Away. I flew with them intra-Europe on a couple of flights, whereas Greg flew with them from New York to Madrid. Both of us had surprisingly good experiences, with Greg’s experience […]

[…] Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures […]

[…] Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures […]

Points Adventure

Love this. Can’t wait for the progress updates

[…] The journey started Wednesday when I flew to West Virginia and back, toured the Library of Congress, Megabused to NYC, and flew Norwegian Air to Madrid, Spain.  I detailed the first day in this post:  Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures. […]


I’m loving all the updates. Every few hours I do the rounds in Insta and FB. I love the adventure, the problem solving, and the anticipation guessing of where each of you is traveling. I love first and business class travel but, practically I end up flying economy by self every year for a solo (sans wife and kids) trip that I do Rapid Travel Chai-style so I’m really enjoying following along.

More updates!


“Every few hours I do the rounds in Insta and FB. I love the adventure, the problem solving, and the anticipation guessing of where each of you is traveling.”
Doing the same. lol


“Honestly, I was already wondering why I was doing this”

Join the club. This is an idea that sounds great, but in reality is a major, pointless pita.


Lol that was a fun read. I could see you asking the security guard if some turned in a butt pillow. Wow this is so exciting from you all and I’m taking notes how to get fro. Where to where on the cheap (low cost)


This is great. But apart from novelty does it have real world application?

Mike Saint

I agree. I think the most important part for your readers is this part of your post, “Honestly, I was already wondering why I was doing this”. I posted something like this on another of the guys that you are “competing against”.

I don’t even see any real world application other than to remind people NEVER to try to do something like this. Ha, ha. But I applaud you for trying something like this. It just doesn’t sound like any fun in the least or something any one should try.


Maybe it’s presenting as many sweet spots as possible? Or how to get out of a bind? I don’t know, but I like it!


First off, sorry about the butt pillow. I use one too whenever I travel and when I have to watch a show or movie that’s over 2.5 hours long.
Secondly, did you and Julian take the Q10 bus free transfer to JFK to avoid using the JFK air train (and save $5?)


In the competition how does EU delayed or VDB compensation factor in? It could be an interesting twist.


Great to follow on your adventure. Sad you lost your butt pillow and glad you got to shower in Air France lounge at JFK. So you can access the priority pass lounge on arrival at IAD with the same day boarding pass+priority pass card? Saw your couch surfing picture on facebook, so you must have figured it out at the end.


What is this butt pillow you speak of? I’m glad to see updates on the website (and via email), since I don’t use social media much.


In the post “What’s in Greg’s #40KFarAway Backpack? Version 2 (Guest starring a dog and a cat),” Greg mentioned the inflatable seat cushion which he had used since March.


Thanks, I just saw it, mixed reviews on Amazon.


Too bad you weren’t delayed 3 hours for EU compensation