Best offers for low spenders (card offers with low spend requirements)



If you're wallet is empty you may be more interested in card offers with low spend requirements


The best way to earn points & miles quickly is through credit card welcome bonus offers.  If you meet the minimum spend requirements and pay your bill in full each and every month, then you can get far more value from the credit card than the credit card company will ever get from you.

One catch: most of the best offers have high spend requirements.  Requiring $5K spend in 3 months is common.  And some cards have tiered offers that require far more spend than that to get the maximum bonus.

What if you don’t spend that much on credit cards?  One option is to look for ways to increase credit card spend (and get most of it back).  For details about these techniques, see:

Another option is to only sign up for offers with low spend requirements.

Below you’ll find current offers with low spend requirements.  Offers are sorted by our formula for estimated first year value.  Of course, you should use your judgment.  A card may offer valuable Amtrak rewards, for example, but if you don’t plan to ride Amtrak it doesn’t make sense to sign up.

As a reminder, we always strive to show the best public offers even if it means that we will not earn any commission for those cards.

Best Offers that require $0 to $500 Spend

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Best Offers that require $1,000 Spend

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@Greg The Frequent Miler the paceline card is no longer available/offering the apple watch


What’s with the parenthesis part of the title? Literally says the same thing as the actual title and is unneeded.

Jay Rome

With all the recent wyndham/vacasa talk, how did the business earner not make this list??? The frontier card though? Might wanna make a disclaimer about their award booking fee

Jay Rome

Or this post is 2 years old and i didn’t realize…

Yusuf Hakim

I sense a post roast coming, cnb visa infinite, no sign up bonus 400 annual fee, yea racially technically really low spend to get a non existent sign up bonus

[…] Best Low Spend Offers […]


Just applied for Arrival plus and Amex Platinum. That’s 10k of spend to be met within 3 months.

With Amex, I will probably pay my rent, still very steep. With Arrival+, I may have to resort to Simon, but not sure if that’s feasible for me. I can see other options in the links but not practical for me.


I actually love the Arrival card. Wasn’t sure to at the start, but it has worked really well for travel & very easy to redeem credit. I’m keeping this card. Well worth it