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Tag: 40K To Far Away

two men holding cups and sitting on a bench

Greg’s South African adventures #40Kfaraway (featuring Johannesburg fun, train misadventures, Cape Town wine &...

Wow. I had a great time on my 40K to Far Away adventures, but I'm beat!  I'm now in the Seychelles for a brief...
a man wearing a helmet and holding a bicycle

Nick’s (Mis)Adventures adding 30+ miles by bicycle

Earlier this morning, I posted the announcement that I had reached my end point in the 40K to Far Away challenge: Niue. However, en...
a person standing in a cave

Nick’s final new destination: Niue (#40KFaraway)

It's official: I've come to the end of my 40K to Far Away road. I'll soon be posting summaries of my stops along the...
Palacio de Cristal in El Retiro Park

Days 1-4 Of Stephen’s 40k: Not Much Sleep, Lots Of Sights, Troll Hunting &...

We're a week into 40k To Far Away but I'm only halfway through my trip. Even though I've not traveled as far as Greg...
a group of people sitting at a table with food

Greg’s visits to Madrid and Dakar #40Kfaraway

One of the hardest things about travelling the 40K to Far Away Challenge is finding time to write.  Most of the time I've either...
a map of the world

The mid-race tally. Who’s leading #40Kfaraway?

As of Sunday at 3pm ET, Nick is way ahead of the pack.  That is, if we measure only the distance traveled and not...
a row of beds in a room

Greg’s in Africa, Stephen isn’t out of the woods, and Nick explores Narita #40KFaraway

If you've been following along, you know that Greg, Stephen, and I are all on different continents at this point and adventuring our ways...
two men taking a selfie

Greg’s first day of #40K to Far Away adventures

Near the end of the first day of the 40K to Far Away adventure, I was mentally worn out by the time my Megabus...
a man lying on a chair

#40KFaraway Day 2: Sleepless nights and long-haul flights

Day 2 of the 40K to Far Away challenge is in the books and I'm not going to lie: it feels good to be...
a view of a city and a body of water

Nick’s first destinations: Lanikai Beach and Uncle Clay’s House

Late last night (for most readers) I made it to Lanikai Beach on Oahu. In a move that likely shocks you as much as...
Greg Megabus

#40kFarAway Day 1: A Series Of Unfortunate (But Not Trip-Destroying) Events

Well, that's a wrap for day one of 40k To Far Away. Sort of. It's almost midnight as I write this, but travel hasn't ended for...

The United workout plan: gate-to-gate in 14 minutes or less #40KFaraway

WIth the 40K to Far Away challenge under way today, I had my alarm set for 5:40am and actually called the front desk for...
a group of people sitting at a table with a building in the background

#40KFaraway: Stretching the boundaries of possibility

"It’s amazing to me what seems reasonable when we don’t understand what’s possible." On the eve of the launch of our 40K to Far Away...
a map of the world with different colored circles

Greg’s #40KFarAway Mystery Excursions

The 40K to Far Away Challenge got underway this morning. After a brief flight delay scare (just a little fog), I was on my...

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