My bite-sized thoughts about everything new in points & miles (Nov 2021)


In the past month or so there have been huge changes related to points, miles, and loyalty.  Each week, Nick throws in his 2 cents about these things in his Week in Review series, but now it’s my turn.  Below you’ll find a list of the big things happening, along with my quick take on each one.

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I received a bonus spend of 80K Citi Thank You Points with the intent of transferring them in November to AA. Given the new “Loyalty” program, should I still transfer the points?


More Stephen Pepper please….he save me money every day!


I’m going to be quite upset in the BOA tiers change which they almost certainly will for the worse. Nothing gets better with this types of things. I think it may be something like 50% with 100k and 75% with 250k and 100% with a million. Lots of people will be leaving Merrill Edge with this changes as it isn’t really a preferred brokerage. Not sure I want to tie up 250k at ME if it’s that high just to keep my same return. Really going to be disappointing.


My guess is it would be mutual (not being snark, just guessing they wouldn’t mind weeding out the few playing the program)


Is there a credit card that gives rewards for mortgage payments instead of rent?



I am also hoping that Hilton, Marriott’s direct competitor, also extends if Free Night Certificates!


still hoping the B of A Elite card has a card 100k SUB, for obvious reasons : )


On the Citi points transfer page, it no longer has an end date listed. Is it possible it has become a permanent feature?


Hi Greg, I like these bite size reviews. Keep them coming.

PS if this was right before Halloween, you could have named them “fun size reviews” 🙂


Re: Amex offering Walmart+ credits with their consumer Platinum cards.

It’s been reported that Amex is changing course and seeking to sign up lower-income individuals, so this isn’t totally expected.


To me when you pair the Marriott Dynamic Pricing with the set value of current certs at 25k or 35k they are forced to have the ability to add points to free nights as an “out” on those. They will be so devalued or lack the ability to outsize the value that they think that will be a way to keep people from screaming about how bad they have become. I think this could bite them long term when people start cancelling credit cards that feature annual free nights unless they make that perk more valuable and not set at say 35k.