Last Chance Deals: Staples Chase Offer On Business Cards, Fee-Free Mastercards & More


Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some other deals that are due to end soon.

There are several good deals ending this week, including a couple for Staples. They’re selling $200 Mastercard gift cards with no activation fee, but it’s not very social distancing-friendly seeing as it’s only available in-store rather than online. Office supply stores have sometimes been a good place to obtain toilet paper and other household items during these shortages, so there’ll no doubt be some people visiting their stores for that reason anyway.

Also ending this week is a Chase Offer for Staples that’s only available on business cards. Doctor of Credit has a couple of data points of this working for purchases on, so that’s a great alternative to having to use it in-store.

Below you’ll find this week’s Last Chance Deals. Those are followed by deals that Won’t Last Long and Other Limited-time Offers. Deals in bold were posted this week. You can find all the deals that won’t be ending soon on our Current Deals resource.

Last Chance Deals

Expires Monday March 23, 2020

Expires Saturday March 28, 2020

Expires Sunday March 29, 2020

Won’t Last Long
Other Limited-Time Offers

Sign-up Bonuses / Credit Cards


Shopping/Spending Deals

Bank Account Bonuses

Other Helpful Resources

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I can confirm x3 that the Staples offer from Chase Business cards works for online purchases. I had one for $10 on $100+, one for 10% up to $17, and one for 20% up to $34 all due to expire in a few days. I did 3 different orders – 1x for $100 Target eGC, and 2x for $175 Target eGCs ($100 + $50 + $25) – and all paid me the expected amount within a day or two. Side note you can add/combine Target GCs in your Target wallet to reduce the risk of getting it drained, similar to Amazon.