Best cash back credit card offers


cash back credit card offers
This blog is usually all about points and miles.  The game we play involves acquiring points & miles, usually without traveling, in order to travel nearly for free.  Current events, though, has led some of us to turn towards cash-earning options: new credit card bonuses, new bank account bonuses, cash rewards from spend, cash back shopping portals, etc.  This post is designed to dive into the first in the list: credit card bonuses.

The cards shown below are sorted by our formula for estimated first year value.  With cash back cards you’d think that a formula isn’t necessary.  Can’t you simply take the welcome bonus and subtract out the first year annual fee?  Nope.  We also have to account for the cost of spend.  Some cards have much higher minimum spend requirements which we need to account for.  For example, I’d argue that a $300 welcome offer that requires $500 spend is much better than a $300 offer that requires $3,000 spend.

For help with meeting spend requirements, please see: 7 ways to increase credit card spend from home.

Top 10 Cash Back Credit Card Offers

Top 10 offers are shown. Press “Next” to see more.

Top 10 Redeemable for Cash Offers

Many cards earn points that are easily redeemed for cash where one point equals one cent.  This includes cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards, US Bank FlexPerks / Altitude points, Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards, and Citi ThankYou Rewards.  With Citi points, cashing out for 1 cent per point requires requesting a check to pay for a mortgage or student loan.  The Citi Prestige card is an exception since it allows a direct cash out at 1 cent per point.

The cards listed below offer points that are more valuable when used towards travel.  As a result, our estimated first year value (which uses enhanced travel value of points) is not a good measure for this post.

In order to understand how valuable each of the below offers is, convert the number of points to cash back, in your head by following this pattern (replace the “K” with a zero and add a dollar sign):

  • 25K points = $250
  • 50K points = $500
  • 60K points = $600
  • 80K points = $800
  • 100K points = $1,000

Since the first year value estimates use point values based on travel value, Please use the estimates shown below only as relative indicators of which offers are best for cash back.  However, if you think you are likely to use the points for travel, then the shown estimated values may be useful to you.

Top 10 offers are shown. Press “Next” to see more.

Advertiser and Refer-A-Friend Disclosure

Many of the card offers that appear on this site are from companies from which Frequent Miler receives compensation. Please see our full advertiser disclosure here. And, some offers are friend referrals in which we will earn points or other rewards in exchange for successfully referring you through the link shown here.

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With many of the best offers, we do not receive compensation. This is indicated by this “No Affiliate” card image


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[…] our Best Credit Card Offers page.  Or, if you’re only interested in cash back, check here: Best cash back credit card offers.  Note that we always publish the best public offers even if that means that we lose out on […]


Any word on whether CC companies are more willing to waive AFs at this time? I may call some this Friday since I’m off that day. I certainly hope to be able to travel again this year but so infrequently that the rewards will be greatly diminished. And once things settle (next year?) I’d imagine there will be some very nice sign up bonuses to try and regain business.


What about the BoA Premium Rewards, WF signature/propel/propel world, Amex BC/BCP and Cash Magnet?


No worries. For the Amex cards, they do have referral/incognito elevated offers that can be higher than listed. For example, my father in law just got a cash magnet last month with a $225 SUB.

Nick Reyes

We always list the best publicly-available offer. When that’s a referral offer, we list a referral offer. Whatever the best offer is where you can simply go to our page and click through to apply is what we list on the page. We don’t list stuff where you have to use a specific browser or modify something in the address bar or anything like that as not everyone will be able to replicate it. We aim to keep the best publicly-available offer there where you’ll click through and see exactly what we’re listing. If you get targeted for something even better, that’s great.


I am surprised you guys havent posted the limited $500 sign on bonus for the bank of america business cash card after spending $5000. Doctor of credit reported link:

Nick Reyes

Updated. Thanks, Sophia!


It requires $5000 spending, not $3k